Friday, January 8, 2010

Got this week behind me

So glad to see this week gone and out of the way!! Starting off the new year being sick- is not a good thing. It has taken all week to catch up for my ONE day of being in the bed 20 hours!!

5 hundred million gazillion loads of laundry!! And DISHES.... even worse- because the food!! And to think when men have to watch the kids they say "It is not that bad!! We just play and have fun!!" Yeah because you didn't have to do any chores either.... Ok sorry that was rude!!

Then we haven't left the house since Wednesday- since that big snow storm came and hit us.... yeah right- we were going to get a lot of snow.... it went North of us instead we just got colder!!

When it is this cold- I want SNOW!!! I did however snow a few hours Monday- I stood as all mother's do on the porch in my robe and watched the snow fall while I let my kids catch it in their mouth!! No, really I would have participated- I was almost not back to normal!! Don't think I ever will be.... Normal that is!!

T & C were disappointed that there was no snow to build a snowman- but maybe next time. The last snow for that- T was 2 & C was a newborn!! The new pup Maizie on the other hand.... she would rather NOT have snow!! HELLO you are a Labrador!!! She shivers in the cold as she goes outside to make her potty run.

That is one thing I think I have got down so far this year- House training the new puppy!! She officially whines and stands by the door when she feels the need to!! One down, One to go.... just gotta figure out how to put it in my plan and stay home a few days in a row to do it!! T was potty trained in 4 days... underwear- the week he turned 2!!! C on the other hand is my leader.... he might have a few tricks up his sleeve...or pants leg??

We also had a visitor a few days this week.... T's best friend BIG C- unfortunately his little brother Mac had to go to the hospital because he was so sick. So Big C came to play for two days and is coming back tomorrow!! They are loving it!!! Really, it is not bad- they all play very well together and are very good friends!! Keep little Mac in your prayers he might come home tomorrow!!

Hopefully, next week I can get back on track and get into the swing of blogging again!!


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