Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie.....Thursday

Today was a good "stay at home mom" day. We stayed at home all day and had friends to come and play. We ate, visited and enjoyed all that came to our house today....GREAT DAY!!

6:00am Wake up- shower
6:20 Read Bible- Pray- put on first load of laundry
7:00 Sweep and Mop floors- bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living and dining room. (this was on my to-do list yesterday, seeing how we were outside for almost 6 hours, it was put off until today!)
8:00 Boys wake up so I sit and snuggle with them and watch cartoons
8:30 back to floors
9:00 get dressed, make up hair- switch laundry out and put on 2nd load
9:30 start preparing food for guests
10:45 food all prepared, just straighten up prior to guests.
11:00 PLAY DATE!!!! 6 moms, 11 kids.....all under 5!!!
2:00 Most guest have left and one of my very most favorite friends Crystal stops by with her 2 boys- my boys ages- she needed me to watch them while she took care of some business.
3:00 all guests have gone except boys best friends M& C Crystal's boys. OUTSIDE WE GO!!!
3:15 Boys all play good together so I opened windows and doors and went back into the house to clean up a little from the party.
4:30 Daddy is home!!! EARLY TODAY- what a treat!!
4:45 Daddy is on duty now- so I go inside and work on supper and finish picking up toys in the play room. Switch 2nd load of laundry to dryer.
6:00 Crystal comes to get boys and we go inside for baths and supper
6:30 Supper Sweet baked Potato and Fresh Salad. Light side tonight!!
7:00 Clean up kitchen and do dishes
7:15 Boys sit on couch with Dukes of Hazard
7;45 Bed, Bible story and prayers for boys.
8:00 B takes shower- gets dressed to head out for Mississippi
8:45 I kiss B goodbye and watch til the taillights fade into the dark.
9:00 Talk to my mom on the phone while I fold 2 loads of laundry
9:45 Finish up on laundry and sneak into boys room to put it away and hang it up.
10:00 sit down to type this......realizing this has been the longest week of my life now that I see it all in print!!! I feel like this...... I am going to bed now!!!
P.S. Please Pray for my friend Crystal- her Papaw is drawing near the end of his journey on Earth.

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