Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring....Achoo!!!

Spring here in South Arkanas.....means....Pine Pollen!!! A lovely cloud of yellow- just floats in the air....and it is so nice to go outside and enjoy the great temps and beautiful days. But if must.....beware of the cloud of YELLOW DUST!!!

My Allergies have always been bad.....since I moved here- in fact I do not remember having to carry around a box of tissue when I was younger. Seems like all my sneezing started when I first came to visit in 1996. Easter weekend- B brought me home to meet parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles!!

Ever since then Spring has not been good to me!! I have found however my BFF....NETI POT!!!! I absolutely love the fact that my friend Renee told me about this little thing she saw on Dr Oz!! Can we say GROSS,,,,,,but complete and total relief to a nose that is out of control at spring time

I honestly do not like flower beds all that much- but I do like mine to look good. So, I do have to brave the out doors- not to mention keeping these two boys couped up inside all winter long. I love day light saving time- longer days!!!

Spring and Fall are both my favorite season because of the temperatures- but not necessarily because of all the outside work!! Even though I may have to use my Neti Pot more in spring than fall....and have a box of Kleenex by my side- I am so thankful for my health and ability to go out and enjoy all that God has created!!

I do Love Easter- one of my favorite holidays.....and I enjoy it even more the older my boys get and they realize the REAL MEANING of the holiday. I feel as if I am a flower in bloom in spring- getting out more and enjoying the air- as long as I can avoid the cloud of yellow!! My favorite flower is Lily's and I have my whole porch lined in them- these are pictures from last year when they bloomed!! I Just love them!!
Do you like spring?? What is your favorite flower??

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