Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day in the LIfe of Mollie......Friday

I am taking a day OFF!!!!

After looking at all these post this week- I do have to mention, since we did have guest in our house I crammed one month of cleaning into one week. I usually don't do that much cleaning in one week- my house looks so good, I have lots to do today so I will wrap up a day in the life today. Next week I think I will catch up on my recipe blog and add some of my cleaning tips and systems that work for me.

7:00 wake, shower
7:30 wake boys snuggle
7:45 get boys dressed and ready for school
8:00 pack lunch for boys
8:15 leave for school
8:30 arrive at school drop boys off
8:35 Meet with friend about a possible future idea for our family-
pick up B's paycheck
9:30 Go to gym and work out
10:30 Go sign T up for T-ball this spring
11:00 return home, shower make up, fix hair
11:45 leave for town- go to bank make deposit
12:00 Meet my friend Whitney for Lunch
1:00 Hair Appointment with Ashley.....think I am going a little lighter!!
3:30 Pick up boys- Go for a Walk with Erin and the twins on the Farm Road (Amanda and Erin got a chance to walk earlier in the day and honestly- after my work out I don't think I could have run or walked even if some one was chasing me!!)
4:45 Home
5:00 bath boys and get dressed
6:30 Friend house for a get together
9:00 Home in Bed

WEEK is OVER!!! least I got today off.....notice NO LAUNDRY- NO MEALS!!!

looking forward to her party tomorrow night


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