Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie.....Wednesdays

I always love to see comments on facebook that say "Mondays....Ugh!!!- Wednesday- whoo hoo Hump day half way there!!- Then Friday the same people are saying TGIF- Glad this week is over!!"

I often wonder- when you work at never have a Monday- because everyday is the beginning.....Wednesday- there is NEVER a middle of WHAT....craziness?? Friday.... that means it is the weekend- and weekends are so busy that the house gets even messier!!!

But then if you look at each day and each chore like this it make it easier to accomplish......

A kitchen sink Full of dirty dishes means that you have plenty of food on the table for your family. And a healthy family to eat it.

A hamper full of Dirty clothes and never ending family is healthy and able to get these clothes dirty and I am thankful for the sweat and hard working husband I have to work so hard- the least I can do is wash his clothes.

A house Full of clutter- is a mother who has been having fun playing and tending to children and let the house go- because they will always sleep.....and you can catch up later. They are only little once.

I gave my mom a fridge magnet and she still has it "Let the dust bunnies gather and cobwebs grow because before you know your children will be grown" I didn't grow up in a clutter free home- but I grew up in a FUN home and a home where any one was welcome any time day or night. And the Love of God was shown to all who came through the doors of that grey home.

My Prayer is that I will have a home like that. Cleaning is important- but the lives of my family are so much more valuable!! I try to do my most deep and extensive cleaning on days when my kiddos are at school- so days we have together we can enjoy!!

Enough said about that Here is Wednesday-

Well....last night I stopped at 9:30 and went to bed!!

I wish I could tell you I went to bed then- Nope, I laid down and I have been having ear trouble (part of the dr appt Monday) so I could not handle laying I came back into the living room- got a book and read it until I fell asleep!! That was at 11:30pm......

2:15 am- C wakes me up screaming......"I need to go to the bathroom!!" (I have told him night after night- if you need to go....get up and go!!!!)

4:00am- B leaves for work and tell me good bye.

6:30am- Alarm goes off.....I get up wash my face put my contacts in and go straight for coffee!!
Read my Bible and then look over my GA lesson for girls tonight. (I study lesson Sunday afternoons usually- then review Wednesdays)

7:00am C wakes up- sit with him watching cartoons and read my devotional for the day via my blackberry and Proverbs 31 Ministry

7:30 put first load of laundry on.

8:00am T wakes up sit with him and watch cartoons for a few minutes- glad to see some one got to sleep in!!! He is my snuggle bunny- so this time is most important for him!! Although if you notice a pattern from day to day- I try to sit at least 15 minutes on busy days- to an hour on days we don't have to leave the house and snuggle with boys and watch cartoons. LOVE IT!!
8:30am fix breakfast and eat it Eggo Waffles and fruit

9:00 unload dishes from last night and re-load clean up kitchen dinner prep- pot roast, put in crock pot for day.

9:30am lay out boys clothes and they get dressed as I get dressed- do hair and makeup, pack care for town- Library books, sack lunch for park, bread for ducks, jackets in case cooler weather.

10:15 Boys get in car, I buckle C in and we head to Story time.

10:30 Story Time every Wednesday at 10:30 at our county library- it is FREE and entertaining for kids, and I have met some of my very best friends over the past 5 years. We have attended every since T was 6 months old!!One thing story time is teaching is the importance of reading- I love it when I walk into a room and see T reading "batman" to C.....C love batman!!!

Mrs. S reads stories and then they do a craft- last week they did President's day, and made Abraham Lincoln hats......I sent the following picture to our parents on my phone last week because T wore his Abe Lincoln hat the whole rest of the day. I was the chauffeur for President Lincoln all day....what a treat!!

12:00 Leave Library after checking out books head to the state park for a picnic, feeding ducks and nature hike. Lots of FUN!! Love this weather- we haven't been to the state park since September!!We had a great time!!!! Got exercise and enjoyed the time together!!!

2:30 head home from the park- stop to get and icee and snack.
3:00 home, boys beg to play outside in yard......even after being outside for over 2 hours already!! They play outside and I sweep up back porch as they play. Run in and out of house (love the fact I can LOCK them in the back yard keep back door open and I can step inside and start supper) *boiled chicken for meal prep for Thursday *switched laundry out and started 2nd load *sit and watch boys play as I review GA lesson again.
5:00 pick up back yard, put dog in kennel and come inside- STRAIGHT TO BATH TUB!!!
5:30- Supper is ready and I look up and C is asleep on couch......poor baby!! I wake him up we eat supper- Roast, carrots, green beans and salad.
6:00 leave for church
6:15 arrive at church visit with church family
6:30 Boys go to mission kids class and I teach GA's (Girls In Action) a mission class for girls ages 2nd grade- 6th grade. 12 girls on an average. Good time!!
8:00 leave church head home- Call B and he just made it in the door, boys persuade me to go to DQ and get ice cream cones!! While in the drive thru T says "need to go the bathroom" so we make a trip inside- and we leave at 8:30!
8:45 arrive home.......hugs and kisses from daddy- he meets us at the car!
9:00 jammies and good night books, stories, brush teeth, bible story and prayers for boys
9:15 B takes shower, and goes to bed- I put his coffee on for 4 am and make his sandwiches for next day.
9:30 I shower and come back to living room to type all this.....not like I am already worn out from doing it all already!!! Here is me at the end of the day.....
10:30- finish blog post, read a chapter in a book and go to bed by 10:45.......zzzzzzzzzzzz.........
Since I have been exercising I can tell a HUGE difference in taking a hike with boys today than last fall when I was 10 lbs heavier......ready to see how much energy I have when I shed the next 20!!
Gotta get rest.....having a playdate tomorrow.

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