Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie.....Tuesday

Just a side note on all these posts of day in the life of series....am I tooting my horn- I enjoy seeing what others do when they blog day in the life......plus I am running out of stories!!!
Just trying to give some of you and idea on how my life goes. How we live in our house may differ from yours a lot of not much at all. It definitely was different from diaper changing and feeding babies days!! Although, I did forget to mention the times I helped wash hands- wipe noses- bottoms etc. with the boys. I did leave out details....if that is hard to believe!!!

For the most part my boys are very independent and can feed and dress themselves- it is new season for us!! Much different than days of mom doing it all.....teaching them to be independent young men now.....chores and responsibilities galore!!
Here are pictures of what my house looked like before and after- Before was Monday Morning.....and After was this evening after I de-cluttered and cleaned today....ahhhh that's more like it!!!
Play roomBoys RoomDining RoomOur Bedroom
Living Room

So here is Tuesday.....

2:00 am My hard working husband goes to work- a load to Mississippi He usually comes and kisses me and tells me to have a good day- No telling what I say to him- Sometimes "good night!"

3:00 am C wakes up needs a drink- I tend to him and he is content and back to sleep in no time.

5:00 am T wakes up to come tell me he needs to go to the bathroom- he then sneaks under the cover on our bed and sleeps on his daddy's side. Awake enough to realize a friend is having surgery at 5:30 say a prayer for him.

7:00am- Wake up- wash face, put contacts in, text my husband "good morning I love you!" and get COFFEE!!! I then sit in my chair drink my cold coffee....(another post some day) and open my Bible- read Isaiah 55.

7:20 finish packing boys lunches.

7:30 wake up boys for school. any other day they would be up at 7 you know!!! Then we sit and watch cartoons while they drink their milk.

7:45 lay boys clothes out for them to get dressed. I then go get dressed, brush my hair, and try to look half way presentable for gym!

8:00 Go help boys finish getting ready and put their shoes on- pack the car.

8:15 get in car go to school. Drive boys to school we call Daddy talk to him on speaker phone. Then put our Full Armor of God on head to toe and pray for the school day to go well and we will learn a lot. I drink all natural shake on the way to take boys.

8:30 Arrive at school drop boys off.

8:35 leave school- usually head straight to gym- go drop off car for oil change and detail. My friend Crystal meets me there and gives me a ride home.

8:45 we head home and I get a call from a friend who's husband had surgery earlier and found out it is Cancer at 34....sitting in Crystals car we hold hands and pray for comfort peace and healing for my friends Alan and Tammy as I talk on the phone to Tammy.

9:00 finally get out of Crystals car- go in house- put on load of laundry.

9:05 Log on to Facebook to update the prayer group for Alan and check emails.

9:30 leave for gym in husband's truck to go work out.

9:45 arrive at gym (I am soon going to add a post on my work out and what all I do- stay tuned maybe next week)

11:30 done working out. head home.

11:45 fix lunch make a few phone calls all while changing load from washer to dryer and adding second load of laundry

12:00 Eat lunch- sliced chicken sandwich and salad. I studied my bible study as I eat.

12:45 Start cleaning......de-clutter first then work on bathrooms. Here is a list of things I did- not in this order but just random Bathrooms (2)- showers, toilets, sinks counters, floors around toilets (ugh...boys!!) washed all rugs in bathrooms. Unloaded and loaded dishes, picked up all clutter in every room- and placed it where it belongs.

3:30 My Taxi.....Crystal arrives to take me to pick up my car. Thanks ;) girl!!!

3:55 Get car and pay for it- wow looks great too!! Poor people- sea of GOLDFISH!!!!

4:00 run a few errands

4:30 pick up boys from school.

4:45 pick up Icee for boys

5:00 run to grocery store- I figure we can go to park tomorrow so I add this trip today.

5:45 Home from store to play outside until dark......put dog up in kennel.

6:45 come inside and straight to bath for boys. I fold one load of clothes while boys bath and just sit and talk and watch them take a bath......we usually take showers- because the "little tub" they call it is 6 foot by 4 foot Jacuzzi tub. Not to easy to clean- so since it was freshly cleaned, they took advantage.

7:30 removed boys from bath and got them into "jammies"

7:45 at sliced turkey sandwiches for supper with fruit.

8:05 Daddy arrives home.....after over 800 miles logged for the day

8:10 Daddy sits and eats with us- his supper was brisket, beans, and corn on cob.

8:30 finished with supper- Daddy reads boys books and bible story and we put boys to bed.

8:55 exit boys room I take shower and B watches weather channel to see what is in store for his Dallas trip in the morning.

9:15 I put coffee on for B set it for 4am and then get in bed.

9:30 Bed for me and B........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

I got a lot accomplished but I am so tired!! And to my mom......I never got the chance to call you back- apparently you understand why?? ha!!


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