Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I want to be in Complete Denial

I love these pictures from last Spring. My friend Stacy is so talented and she was able to capture our family in moments that we will have for a life time!!! I love getting pictures made- because that is one time that can capture a memory you will never forget- because the picture will remind you!! With two boys we have found that pictures aren't always easy to come by- but Hey who said Life was Easy??

Last week I ran into a guy who knows my husband, but I have never laid eyes on this man!! He said "Those are B's boys...right??" I said "yes sir that is my husband." He said it would be hard from him to NOT DENY them. I agree- you can tell by this picture with both boys and their daddy!! I LOVE this picture- MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!

They look a lot like him- and what one doesn't have of his feature they have mine- and it makes them look a little different. What is funny- the one who looks the most like him acts the most like me....funny how God has a good sense of humor!! In the same way God created these boys to look like their daddy- and NO WAY in this world would B think to NOT claim them!! The will probably never get away from looking like B or myself. In the same way their actions will be also. Genes are so cool- T will make looks and faces that look my dad!! The whole family comes out eventually- even the skeletons in the closet!!

In the same way- Matthew 16:24 says to deny yourself and come to Follow God. There are things in this life that are so hard for me to deny......

Each day as Christan's we are to deny the things that hold us back from serving God more- and things that may hinder our growth with the Lord. Each and everyday we serve him we MUST deny the things of this world. I struggle each day with denying thing of this world.

When you look at the BIG PICTURE- it is plan and clear that the BIG things in LIFE are actually the Little my case the little people and their daddy!!!

For me to deny the things of this world is give more to my God and in return it gives me more with my Family!! When there are struggles- and there will be.......focus on the Finish Line. There is HOPE so HOLD FAST!!!

Have you ever seen a Runner in a Track race just steps from the finish line.... look down at their feet.....nope they are focused on one thing......the Finish Line. When is the finish?? Only God knows......He is the author and finisher of all things.

Our time on this Earth is so short compared to the Days we will spend by his side in Glory!!!
And as this picture shows......Life is NOT perfect!!! Things may not go our way- but who is saying that it is not God's way!!!

I cannot imagine ever denying my kids- even when they have their moments in public when I feel like walking away from them and saying "who's kids are those screaming in the store!!" I could never deny my children- and as much as I love my children and the love a mother has for their children is not even explainable!!

Can you imagine How much the Father would hate for us to deny him- or put the things of this Earth before Him?? Ouch....yep- I said it.

I have felt soooo good denying Facebook- for Lent. But at the same time- I have had my weak moments when I need to just check real quick to see how someone was doing because I know they were going to have a procedure and just real quick....for a teeny tiny moment.....then it turns into a.......WOW look at this moment!!!
So, when you feel as if you are unworthy, broken and you have hit rock bottom......He still loves you and He is the ONLY one to forgive you and never judge you or look back!!! Come as You are!

It is Hard......especially when you carry on a conversation with a 3 and 5 year old all day and just "NEED AND OUTLET!!!" Well, that is God- He is your outlet of LIFE- PLUG into HIM and I promise.....he will give you all the Light to Shine on the World!!!!


(Thanks Steven for the Matthew 16- great sermon Sunday)

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