Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Move it or Lose it

Well, in this case it is move it and lose it!!!

I joined a gym......first time in over 8 years!!! I did exercise by doing water aerobics during both pregnancies- and it proved to be great for the big D-Day!! Longest I had to push was with T and it was 20 minutes!!
Then after I had the kiddos I just stopped working out- even had 3- yes THREE exercise machines in the shop!!! I would try, then give out- seemed it was so hard because I could never find time!! Or I would never MAKE TIME!!

I honestly think that I had a FEAR.....big problem!! Not until just recently did I realize how fearful I was. Until the Lord revealed it to me one day while I was working out. I explained to the man who runs the gym about this experience from my past......READ HERE if you haven't heard.

As I started working out He came up to me one day and wanted to know exactly what and how it happened? I told him the story and he said- make sure and take it easy!! So I really have- in fact I took it too easy at first. Probably looked a little lazy to the gym rats!!! I would show up- ride the bike for 5 minutes then get on elliptical for 15 and leave....hahaha!! What a wimp they were probably thinking??

I know I need to loose weight- I know I have a problem with over eating.....preferable JUNK!! In fact I have taped pictures of me that I look so awful in on the pantry cabinet doors just so I would not open the cabinets to get junk food out. Similar to this one......blegh!!! T took this picture of me without me knowing.....we were at a nature walk. This is one reason I like to be behind the camera!!

But not until I had a doctor visit a few months ago because of this pain in my hip- I have to go to the Chiropractor weekly because I am in so much pain!! He recommended going to my family doctor to check it out. So I visited him- he looked at me, looked at my chart- and said " I really think if you loose 20-30 pounds it will solve the problem- along with diet exercise and a multi-vitamin you can do it!" {He was being nice.....I really need to drop 30-40!!!}

In all the years- all the doctors visits I have had I have NEVER EVER been told I need to loose weight!! I have always been able to eat anything any time and never gain a pound........UNTIL I had children at the age of 30!!!!

I would eat foot long sandwiches from Subway at age 22 like it was a cracker!! It is called metabolism.....the older I get the less I have apparently!! So as I choked back tears- literally started crying in front of the doctor- I was so embarrassed!! He looked at me and said "Join a gym- if you don't do it for your self do it for you kids, you want to be around for them and to be able to play and enjoy life!!"

So I left the office that day thinking, there is no way I can join a gym with the hours my husband has- plus what a waste of money if I can only go twice a week.

I had breakfast with my friend Renee a few days later- told her about the "crying" I did, and she mentioned some multi-vitamins for ladies.......because the crying may have been hormonal too!! ha!!

Then she told me how she joined this gym in town similar to this one. And it was open 24/7 so if B got home early one day I could go and then the days my kids are in school I could go then too!!

So I joined and I have been going- twice a week, and tried to go 3 times a few times but life happens. I can tell you this- I feel soooooo much better.

I am taking it slow and in fact now I am up to a good hour or hour and a half work out.

First and foremost I have Praise music on my MP3 as I work out I am uplifted by encouraging songs about How God can help you through any battles and any struggles!!! And he can- so therefore I have memorized I Corinthians 6:20. Talks about taking care of our bodies!!

Then I do this routine.....

I ride the bike for 10 minute warm-up

Work out on the Elliptical for 20-30 minutes

walk on treadmill for 5 to cool down

life some small weights for arms, shoulders and chest

do some leg weights for inner and outer thighs.

Then lay 10 minutes in the tanning bed!!!! hahaha.....incentive to go!!

My Goal......I bought 2 Easter Dresses last year- I tried them on in the store they looked great and a month later Easter morning......NEITHER ONE FIT!!!! Oh about a melt down!!

I ended up wearing one- with a camisole and not buttoning the jacket and having to PRAY the zipper didn't break!! But I still looked like I stuff myself in the dress. And the one I really wanted to wear was pink and black flowers. So here my closet has held this dress for a YEAR waiting to be worn- I am going to wear it this year.....if I have to tape it on the front of me!!!

This week's fast has started off great too- NO COKES!!! I have replaced it with 8- 8oz glasses of water......therefore if you happen to see me and my eyeballs are floating- or perhaps I run you over trying to get to the bathroom. You will understand because I am on my way to that PINK dress!!!

Do you work out? Exercise? What do you like to do??


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Anonymous said...

I love the farm road, Mollie! Walking Logoly is great too but I don't find the time to go much. Good luck! :)