Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend full of Fun!!!

This weekend was very busy and very FULL of Fun all at the same time.

Saturday we spent time as a family and got a lot accomplished. Grocery shopping, errands supper out that night- and then on to our Cousin A's 7th birthday party at the bowling alley.

I was very impressed with how T mom took him this summer when I was in Peru and he still remembered and did a great job. C did pretty good too- for a 3 year old. The adults had a lane and B and I got a chance to bowl too- mine stayed in the gutter most of the time.....but hey it was Fun right?!?! A got lots of fun new toys and clothes at her "Princess Party"- we all had a great time!!
Then Sunday after church we had three guests for lunch- my friend Erin and her twin girls A & L came to eat soup and salad. The are soooo precious and their mom is pretty cool too!! Their daddy was out of town on business.....we will have to have them over again sometime when he can come too!!

OK.....I am pretty sure.....this is A on the left and L on the right.....I think.....maybe......NO WAIT- It is L on the left and A on the right.....Yeah that is right......pretty sure?!?! Are they not beautiful and who doesn't LOVE a bumbo seat.....we had one with C- and we were so glad we did. They are so neat for the babies to sit in and are very useful!!

Today we have had a productive day.....I bought theses wooded pieces from Hand Writing without Tears. The boys loved them!! I let them play and see how many letters they could make and then to see if they could make their names. It was fun. T is writing very well, although he starts most of his letters at the bottom and then goes up- or just and awkward direction. He seems to be left handed also- but writes better using his right hopefully this curriculum will get me and him both straight as far as writing goes!!

We also started "hooked on Phonics" level 2 to help C learn his alphabet- His teacher at pre-school says he knows the sound of most letters, just doesn't know the LETTER!!! I think that is because we work with T more on sounds than letters.....back to the drawing board when reading books now.
This book is an intro to letters and sounds plus reading. It has a DVD you watch- book you read- and workbook also. I went through A-H with boys today- T is very ready to read, in fact he can read some words- and sounds them out if he cannot. He spelled LOEPOP "lollipop" with the wooden letters from HWT it was cute.

Well, this starts my second week of fasting Facebook- and honestly, I can say it has been worth every minute of each day. I told B yesterday- I feel like the old me is back. I may never go back to it. As a confirmation last Monday, the first day of giving it up- T told me "mama you have not had your phone in your hand as much and you have not been cranky!!" talk about feeling as big as a pebble!!
I guess I didn't realize how much I held my phone and looked at text messages, fb and everything!!!! I can say that my mind is resting better at night and I feel much more refreshed when I wake in the mornings. This morning we all slept was nice- and as you can see by the pictures above- Mondays are PJ's day in our house!!!
We don't leave the house and it is is a day I actually feel like a stay at home mom!!!!
I read this post from my friend Meredith back in November- but it has crossed my mind many times since about facebook. I will elaborate more on this in my post tomorrow!!

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