Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie....... Monday

Today is my first of the week for A Day in the Life.....

So this is what we did on Monday- now unlike most Mondays we did make a quick trip to town. Other than that- it was pretty much the same.

7:00am- wake both boys usually sleep thirty minutes later than me.....no today. So we all sat and cuddled on the couch for awhile- They drink milk, I have my coffee- and I read a devotional.

7:30- Put on first load of laundry (I have a laundry schedule for each day)

7:35- start breakfast- waffles (whole wheat Eggo) and fruit.

7:45- eat breakfast with boys- while watching cartoons. I check my email, and respond to any messages at this time.

8:15-clean up from breakfast- unload dishes- and re-load breakfast dishes.

8:30-strip beds and start second load of laundry. Switch clothes to dryer.

8:45- play pirate ship with boys, then become a prisoner for a few minutes.

9:15- shower, get dressed and do hair and make-up. All while stopping numerous times to talk to boys about not hitting- and sharing. Had to put both boys in time out for arguing.

10:00-TV Off- dinner prep- make meatloaf for supper and place in fridge for later.

10:30 get boys dressed and ready for the day. T can dress himself. C still needs little help.

10:45- make beds- Boys make their own, but I help.

11:00- finish hair and switch second load to dryer and add third load of sheets to laundry.

11:30- fix lunch, sliced chicken sandwiches and apples slices and grapes for them- Fresh Salad for me with chicken.

11:45- eat lunch

12:00- I finished lunch and start cleaning kitchen again. I then took the magic eraser and wiped down all kitchen cabinets. (one thing I try to do weekly)

12:15- get dressed- good thing because the Mailman drove up as I was walking back into kitchen with a box of books from here that was too big for the mailbox.

12:30- helped boys put on shoes. Started Fourth load of laundry.

12:35- start working on getting out the door to make dr appt.

12:45 buckle boys in car and drive off to town ( I try to leave 15 mins to get anywhere- we get there on time or just moments before)

1:00 arrive at doctor- sit in waiting room with my bag of tricks (books, flash cards, color books, I Spy book are best!!)

1:15 get called back to see doctor

1:45 left doctor appt with good report- no sickness just post nasal drip. He gave us sample nose spray.

1:55 Walgreens for quick list of groceries. One bathroom trip while in there.

2:25 Leave Walgreens headed to Korner Store- Boys reward an Icee for good dr check-up and behavior in dr office.

2:45 Return home.

2:50 sit boys down at table for snack of crackers and Icee's while watching cartoon

3:30 boys have quiet time in their rooms (sitting on their bed reading books while listening to music) I take time to do my Bible reading and bible study. T came out of his room 4 times- 3 to go to the bathroom and 1 to tell me he was done reading.

4:20 get meatloaf out of fridge place in oven. clean up kitchen

4:30 Look up and my husband drove up in the driveway- always a pleasant surprise!!!

4:35 Go to boys room and tell C he may put his books on shelf but T must stay 10 more minutes because he didn't obey and got out of bed without being told.

4:40 C and I walked out to greet Daddy in the driveway.

4:45 walk inside talk to T and explain to him why he got in trouble for not obeying.

4:50 B played with Boys in playroom- I get rest of supper going (sweet potatoes to cut and boil in water)

5:15 Sit at table and work with T on his homework due for school tomorrow am

5:20 B fell asleep on couch because he had gotten up at 2 am and was going to go back to work after supper.

5:30 Play with boys in play room- the box that came in the mail is now a pirate ship and also my laundry basket. Played hide n go seek and got found a few times!! Trying to stay quiet so daddy can rest. I hang up play clothes that were played with today. Help boys pick up room and playroom.

6:00 took meatloaf out of oven- go back and play with boys

6:30 get plates for supper ready. Deer Meatloaf, sweet mashed potatoes and salad. Need to post it here soon

6:40 sit down and eat supper with family at the table. After I finish eating I do a kids or family devotional. Then we work on flash cards with boys on what ever need work on at the moment.

7:15 Supper over- clear table- boys all take plates to kitchen and help put things away ketchup etc.... before supper they help get them out too.

7:20 Bath water is running and boys are getting ready to get bath by daddy while I get pj's and vitamins ready.

7:30 Bath over boys dressed in pj's and sit on couch B reads them their book of choice and they drink a glass of milk. Then he read a bible story from Their Bible the same Bible that his daddy read to him.

7:45 boys in bed we take turns saying prayers with each boys and telling "stories of when we were little" at their request.

8:00 we exit boys bedroom- sit on couch to watch end of Notre Dame basketball game. B makes a phone call to realize his load it not ready- so he says he will go to bed and get up at 2am again.

8:15 He goes to bed we visit in kitchen for just a moment while I make his sandwiches and he sets his coffee on automatic coffee maker. I then put dishes in dishwasher and clean up kitchen.

8:30 I pick up lap top to type what you are reading while watching TLC 19 kids and counting. Michelle is my Hero!!

9:30 Finish typing post then, will fold 1 pile of socks and hang up a load of laundry of boys clothes that I had to do yesterday because I was behind on laundry.

10:00 folding.....watching a moms dvd to preview for our new moms group

10:30 folding......hanging up

11:00 folding.....hanging up......do you see I was very far behind!!

11:15 finish folding and watching.

11:30 shut off TV go make boys lunch for tomorrow school. debated unloading dishes....nah!!

12:15am.....bed.....are you realizing now I am a night owl!!! I do get to sleep in til 7 am though!!

all in a days work....

See ya Tuesday!

questions leave in- comments sections I will do my best to answer.


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Vicki said...

Hahaha, I'm exhausted just reading your post! I remember those days. It's funny, I raised four kids under the age of five and it seemed like no big deal to me (plus I worked outside of the home). But now, my one toddler grandchild completely wears me out! Sounds like you have a good life...