Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloom where you are planted

I mentioned yesterday that I LOVE spring.....YES I DO!!! I love to see a little bulb buried in the fall- grow to be a beautiful flower!! You know when I was first pregnant with T and we enjoyed each and every month getting closer to the arrival- my belly growing and feeling him kick. I finally realized.....I know what a flower feels like now!! Just glad some one didn't come along with a weed eater and knock me over....much like my beautiful Lily's often get taken down too soon!!

When I see these pictures from my flower beds last year- I am reminded of how we are sooo much like flowers. I planted these bulbs in the ground in the fall. And the winter was cold and hard snow many times too!! But they were protected. Much like our Mother's womb- God knows when he plants that little tiny seed in a mother's belly that is will grow to become a full term baby and be delivered.
Well, if you don't place the bulb the correct way.....they won't grow that next spring!! Yes, I am speaking from experience! It takes a whole year for the bulb to turn around and get in the proper position to come out. In that way I am so glad that doesn't happen with birthing children- I was ready when 8 months got here....let alone having to go 9 months!!!
I think it is so neat how God made the bulb to turn.....or even the ugly old bulb to turn into a beautiful flower. How he knows each hair on our head- our thoughts even before we think them. He knows us because HE created us. Did he know where we would be today- with our trials we are going through?? Yes!!
Just when we feel like no one cares.....He cares- ALWAYS!! Days when you feel alone....he is there reach out for him. Even with all the fear from the World events happening- they seem more and your Bible. God already knows about it all!!
When you see a Green stem on a flower- it is the life line to that beautiful bloom. When you cut it- the flower cannot grow any more. It is dead! Same way we are without Christ centered life. When you keep Christ the life line of your day- you will BLOOM where he has planted you!!
How beautiful a stem is when MANY blooms are there.....

It changes the looks dramatically!! And people want to look at the beautiful blooms not just the green stem. I have many flowers in my flower beds- I do not do much work.....leave that to God. I am so glad God does all the work- year after year. I try to keep the weeds out- I cut things back in the fall and winter- but it is mostly his work!! I enjoy seeing them bloom- but flower beds just aren't my thing. And with two boys....we are much more into digging things up and not planting things.
Although there is one thing I do want to PLANT in them. The firm foundation that Jesus Christ was born lived a perfect life and Died for their sins and sickness!! He will come back to get us all and reunite us with those gone before us.
We have been reading this book to our boys. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I told B I wish I would have read this when I was a kid- or even a new is SO EASY to understand Who God is and How and What he wants in our life. T is loving it- and I am once again how kids can be sponges and that they LOVE to learn!! We will have to go over it with C when he is older- but I am still surprised how much he can grasp!!
I have this CD in my car and I have to say when it comes to this SONG.....I hit repeat every time it is over. It really hits my heart. How God can always be there for us- Seems like when I have problems I always tell them to Him. As if He didn't know it was coming. But He wants us to be there for Him also. Not just a prayer at meal time or bedtime, a prayer on our knees crying out to him to tell Him how much we truly are grateful for everything He has given us. We need to cry out to him with our petitions of LOVE not just of problems.
Tito- preacher from Peru came recently to our church and he said "Don't tell God how Big your Problems are- Tell your Problems HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS!!!" We should not take anything for granted- Not One Day!! I can say I have taken WAY TOO MUCH for granted not just lately, but in general as a Life style. We get in our comfort zone or routine and things seem to be a ritual and not a REAL THING.
I want to BLOOM where God has planted me......I want to PLEASE Him and not man!!! When I look around at our town and see so many who may die not knowing him. I want to reach them all- but it takes more than one person. God is a BIG GOD......and when HIS people who are called by His name HUMBLE themselves seek his FACE- and turn from their ways- HE WILL HEAL OUR LAND......YOUR TOWN!!!!
It makes me sad to see pictures of Japan- how many lives were lost with out knowing God?? What if America had another 9/11......was that not a BIG enough wake up call for America?? God is real- He is Here,,,,,,do you know Him today??
So when God plants you in some flowerbed with a lot of through the weeds- choke them out don't let them choke you out- so you can BLOOM where God has planted you!!
Happy Spring!!

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