Monday, March 7, 2011


I have done a bible study in the past for young college girls in our town. Similar to Titus 2:3 it says the older women should teach and guide the younger women. And YES...I am an older woman in this case.....33 years old considered "older" I know never thought I would see the day!!

However, I do feel honored and definitely not worthy when the bible study rolls around I get to attend- visit with college girls and meet new friends. For the past few years I have taught on the subject of staying at home. I have a guideline of Proverbs 31 Virtuous woman. How the Bible shows that she is ultimate woman for us to follow.

Here is the Job Description for a Modern Day Virtuous Woman.....

A creative and patient person to cook, chaplain, good listener, fashion consultant, decorator, recreation expert, teacher, chauffeur, psychologist, nurse, artist, gardener, economist, communication advisor, entertainer, purchasing agent, lawyer, accountant. No Pay, but Excellent Benefits!!

....Now do you happen to know anyone like that- with all that qualification!!! It goes on to say in the scriptures Her children raise up and call her blessed- her husband also!! Many have done well but she excels them all!! Yes indeed I would say so.

Do I try my best and my hardest ever day- well, look back at last weeks post and gather your answer from there. I do know I also want to do what is right and pleasing to the Lord and NOT man. Does it matter to me what others I do wonder and it is always in the back of my mind.

I love the song....Legacy if you have never heard of it- listen to it....NOW!! As a Christian and a mother I want my kids to say "Our mom was the BEST!!" and have no regrets when they are older. I already have regrets and my kids are 3 and 5!!!
When they are 20- I want them to say I am glad our mom spent time with us- and I am glad she was there for us.......they will not say "we had the cleanest house on the block" or "Our mom was bad with a mop!!" I highly doubt they will even remember many details about the house....or housework rather. They will remember good moments and bad.....I pray the good out weigh the bad!!

But my way of looking at those regrets are.....the past is behind us today is a new day and lets take one day at a time in a new direction. If I were to just give up and not focus on the future- we would get no where...FAST!!

When I decide to draw a line in the sand and say from this day forward.....I mean it!!

I mentioned my Fast last week for Lent. Well, Lent actually begins tomorrow. You can read here the things I have given up. I did start last week and I have been doing great!!

One of the things I gave up was social networking.....I really struggled with this last year during Lent. It was always in the back of my head.....I wonder....hmm..... This year- I have been glad and almost good riddance to the thing!! It can be so time consuming and such a time waster!!

I then find myself back pedalling the whole rest of the day trying to catch up....because I looked down and 30 minutes of my day has passed by me trying to see what everyone else is doing. Where they are eating....etc??

I thought to myself one day....IF I were at a paying job...with real green cash of course. My Boss would have fired me by now....for all the social activity I have done. Not with my children. Granted my kids have come to an age where they can entertain them is nice at supper time and times when I usually need to get some important thing accomplished.

But, when I am just standing around wasting time.....that is valuable moments that are wasting away. They are only little have heard me say that a hundred times I know.....but it is so true!!

Last week after looking at all my daily things I had accomplished I thought- wait a minute! I spent way way too much time away from them.....and we were under the same roof!! Then there were the days we were outside together the next day to make up for it. Yes that was good.

But, if I want them to be the husband and father that God wants them to be- they are training from now is so hard to have to marry some one and train them. I have heard way to many horror stories!!

Another thing I have been convicted of lately, IF I were to speak to my co-workers or Boss the way I speak to my family some times.....whoa.....I might have made it two days on the job. I do love Kevin Leman he has so many GREAT books!!! He has a series How to have a....New Kid- New You- or New Husband by Friday. Giving a step by step daily guide how to change them!!

And in every book it tells the same thing....Attitude, Behavior and Character. When you change your attitude and behavior......hmmm everyone else starts lining up along for the nice peaceful ride on the same train!! Choo Choo....the Happy Train of Life!!

So, that is where I am now....the happy train!! If you want to jump on board let me know....otherwise this train is taking off!!!

Do I care about what people think about my house, kids, life, not too much anymore!! I am not out to offend anyone- but I do want to please one and only person....GOD!! {Romans 8} Then everything else will line up.

ALL ABOARD......this Train is leaving the station.....


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