Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Mamaw

This is a Tribute to My Mamaw.....Pauline as a most knew her by. July 12, 1925- September 18, 2009
She and my Papaw were married when she was only 15- this November they would have been married 68 years! They were the best of friends and good fishing partners, gardeners, and stood by each other through thick and thin.
They had three boys, my dad was the youngest. Even when my papaw went off to serve in World War II- she was here home with 2 boys to raise alone.

She grew up on this "hill" in Coweta Oklahoma, being raised on a farm she was taught to work hard and take pride in your work. It showed- she was a perfect house keeper and homemaker. I have heard a story about when her 3 boys would come home for lunch....she would polish their shoes while they ate!

This is a picture of all her brothers & sisters back when they were younger.
As you entered the door of her house you could usually smell fried chicken, mashed potatoes & rolls! She was a wonderful cook and very talented in the kitchen. Oh the fried chicken....I cannot explain it any better than.....just melt in your mouth- falling off the bone good!!
MMMM....Good.... and my cousin Darren & I would fight over the honey for our rolls!!!

She was always dressed up and I don't know if she ever did- but she is the type who would have done the dishes and vacuumed in high heals!! ALWAYS looked good- never a hair out of place- beautiful jewelry, gifts from my grandfather mostly!
She was a HUGE sports fan especially when it came to OU football.
I have never seen a woman yell at the game like she did- she would even yell while watching golf on TV! Loved her sports and winning!!

Here we ALL were in 2000. The family has grown since then, but this is the last time we were ALL together as a whole- 3 sons, 5 granddaughters 1 grandson, and 2 great-grand kids at the time!

I love this picture- it shows the house they still live in...they built it in 1977- the year I was born. It is the only house I have known them to be in!

Her pride & joy!!
Behind us is her perfect flower beds full of hydrangea!!

Then in 2005- we started it....5 more great-grandchildren 2 years!!!
Which made a grand total of 10 great grand kids in all!!
Just not as easy to get everyone happy and laughing all at once!!
That's a good family photo- Mamaw & Papaw were cracking up at all of us on the other side of the camera- trying to make everyone smile!!
I know that she is gone on to Glory and we will meet again some day in heaven. Until that day I will never forget someone I am a lot like. I do have many of the same characteristics with her and she was a excellent example for a daughter, sister, mother & wife.
I know she is with her mom, dad, brothers & sister- mostly she couldn't wait to see my Uncle DA. They are all together now and probably sitting at the table belly's full from fried chicken and playing some cards now or watching OU football!!
I will never forget the last time I talked to her two weeks ago, and she looked in my eyes and told me "love you" as her faint voice whispered- I knew in her eyes what she was saying.
Although I miss her and will always.....
I have eternal life from my heavenly father
and I WILL see her again soon.
Until then.....heaven will never be the same with her there.....those streets of Gold are sparkling like they never have and she is keeping everything nice and tidy!!
Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother, Mollie. So sorry.

This was a beautiful tribute to her.

Kecia said...

I'm sorry, Mollie--and I'm so glad you wrote that. It was beautiful, and gave us a chance to know her too. I look forward to meeting her one day in our Father's house!

mandy said...

Such a great way to remember your mamaw! Been thinking about you this week!