Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast!!

Two in fact. We had a wonderful feast at B's aunt Donna's house on Saturday before Thanksgiving. Then once again on Thanksgiving Day at my sister's house in Texas.
Needless to say.... I have gained back a few lbs. I lost a few weeks before the holiday season began. Not to worry, I will run to catch up with that wagon I fell off of... maybe I can sweat a little running to catch up?

Here are some pictures from Turkey Day!!

Donna does it up... she is a great decorator

Donna, Mamaw, Deb & BoBo
Mamaw & C

cousin C, TK, & Uncle Mark

TK & his Nonna

Gotta LOVE those BLUES!!!

Aunt Deb & Roxette

J & J with baby TK

Texas Thanksgiving!! LaLa cookin' & samplin'

Enjoying all the great food!!

gotta love the kid table!!

The Family

workin' off the BIG lunch!!

My very favorite reason for Holiday season.... GREEN BEAN BUNDLES!!!! YUMMO!!! Every party every get together..... everywhere!!!

Hope you had a good one!!

I did not get to go Black Friday shopping..... due to HUNTING SEASON!!! Now that I have kids- that sleep til 9 mind you. I did however talk aunt Donna into playing Santa. As we were driving to Texas- T said in the back seat "Look this is what Santa is gonna bring us C." I said "let me take a look?" Much to my surprise the toy that they want (or were talked into wanting... they are still young I can do that, and get away with it) was on SALE and then a 20% off coupon. AWESOME!!! Then I thought how in the world am I gonna get these kids up and out the door at 7am then to the store to buy it.... then to hit the HUGE thing???? So, as always trusty aunt Donna I called her and her response "yes, sure- I love those boys and their family and will do anything for them!!" Gotta love some aunt Donna!!!

Thanks Donna, we love you too!!


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