Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Two Fish

Here are some pictures from last week's swim lessons. It was both of the boys 2nd year for lessons. Great teacher's they are so patient with the kids.

T's class was all boys and one little cute girl.
I packed a lunch for all of us. C & I would sit under a shade tree and eat while T took his class. Then T worked up a BIG appetite swimming in the pool, which is not unusual for him- the boy likes to eat....and it shows!!!
T has not been in a pool since his lessons last year- so the teachers said he needs to practice more. He cannot kick his legs- for some reason....Lord I hope he is more talented in sports than me- I pray he gets the talent from athlete- I can barely run without falling down. I would try to play every sport out there.....I just really did not find anything other than cheerleader.....LOUD voice and tumbling that was my game!!!

All T talked about was JUMPING OFF the diving board. He remembered that from last year. The last day they let the kids jump off- this year they let them do it a few days early. The first day, I held his hand as he stepped off the board. Then the next day he had on a "Cars" swimsuit with Lighting McQueen on it......He told the teacher "Lighten McQueen is scared he doesn't want to jump!!" Ha ha that was so funny and original- where does he come up with it??? When C saw that big brother jumped off the diving board- well, that was it that is all HE wanted to do too!!!
The best picture of him jumping....and my skinny side- my arm you can see here. Hunter's mom has a photography business. She took good pics of all the kids. Very sweet, Thanks Janet it was nice to meet you!
In C's class he was the only boy out of 4. He pretty much screamed the whole time in the water most of the days. Why?? Because he did not like to be held......okay kid sink or swim!!! He did wear floaties a few days- but he did not like those either- imagine that!!

Nothing makes me more sick than getting in a pool with people who's children are much younger and they have a flat stomach. UGH!!! Oh well, I just need to get my bloggy bottom up and do some exercise. They say the camera adds 10 pounds to you..... 20 people were taking my picture, I have my own paparazzi.
C loved to put his head under water. He also loved jumping off the side- he would say "two" when I would stand him on the side. I would count "one, two, three- jump!"

C finally got to jump off the diving board his last day.....Oh My Goodness I was scared to death.....REALLY!!! I have NO pictures because I was not leaving the pool. Not much scares me- and he loved it- wanted to do AGAIN!!!! I pray I have enough nerves left when he plays high school sports.......(biting my fingernails)

MiMi & our cousin Big A.G. came to watch too.

Finally the last day they give each kid a sucker and C's group got a rubber ducky. It was like a light went off inside of T's brain on Friday- and he could kick his legs and swim alone.

I love to swim so I am glad both of the boys like to also. I can remember my dad telling me hold on- and he would swim under water let me touch the bottom of the pool and go back up. We would swim the whole length of the pool underwater. I always loved to open my eyes and look around underwater- it was a neat thing I thought as a kid.
We love to swim do you??

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