Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Little Piggy

T was in his pre-school play. He was one of the 3 little pigs. He did great we are so proud of him. In fact ALL the kids did great- it is amazing the talent that kids have at such a young age. They did a Jazzed up edition of nursery rhymes. It was very clever- the teachers are great and so crafty. We have been very pleased with his first year in pre-school!!
A pig would not be a Pig without a cute!!

He painted his shirt and I made the tail & ears.

Here is a picture of him with his cousin big A.G. she was proud of him and it shows!! I don't like to put pictures of other peoples kids on my blog without instead of asking every parent- take my word it was cute and they were good!!

He is now moving on to his 2nd year in pre-school and going to summer pre-school (which he loves so much). In the summer they "do" more "fun stuff" than "real" school!!

mother of Pig # 3

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Mandy Keith said...

Such a cute pig ! I will have to tell Kylie he was her fav animal!!!!!!!