Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lil' A.G.'s Big Birthday Bash!!!

We went to celebrate this little sweet angel's birthday. She is my niece, it was her 3rd birthday. She has come along way from spending her first week in the NICU. She is FULL of Happiness & Joy.

They live just two hours away from us in Texas- so we drove over for the day.
They rented this 2 story tall water slide. The kids played NON-STOP. They hated to go inside to eat and do presents. T was not for sure if he wanted to go down the slide at first- then he went and NEVER stopped going. He was still on it just moments before we left.

At first C was interested in the kiddy pool.........

All that fun and big slide and where did C go- to bucket of water. We laughed at him sitting in his "redneck pool". He would get in and out- in and out....over and over and over again. Talk about a TRUE country boy!!

I got on the slide with C and that was a mistake!! He wanted to go on it from then on!!!
I was so sore the next day- he would just point and say "mama mama mama"

WHAT A SPLASH.....see those FEET????

We had a great time- they will be headed our way in August for T's birthday.


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