Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend of Celebration!!

We got to meet our new baby cousin.....T.K.

He is so cute. Has a ton of hair and looks like he belongs in the family with his reddish blond little locks. B could not wait to get his hands on him. He just loves little babies. Before we had kids he did not want to ever hold them- now he loves to hold them!!

T.K. is B's cousin J & J's baby. This is the first grand baby for B's aunt & uncle. you can imagine how proud they are to have such a sweet perfect little blessing from heaven. T got to hold him- he was so proud of that. C did not have much to do with him, he mostly just patted his head a little. That is a good thing, it makes me nervous to have him around little babies- he is so unpredictable?? Baby T.K. mostly slept the whole time we were there. Do you blame him?? He is resting up for the life ahead of trying to keep up with his cousins.
They are so blessed. He is SO PERFECT!! We are so happy for them.

We also went to this little man's birthday party.....Mac.
Mac is FULL of Love, Laughter and Smiles!!

This is C's best little buddy. They are 4 months exactly to the date different in age. It is hard to believe that just 2 years ago... I was calling his mama in the hospital and telling her I was praying for her. Crystal and I are very good friends- I am glad we have boys the same age that are also good friends. I pray we always stay close.
Nothing is better than having a friend who loves the Lord and her family.
He loved his "Veggie Tales Pirate Party". The kids went on a treasure hunt to find a secret hidden treasure in the back yard. The loot was full of goodie bags for the kids to take home.

It was are time to switch-a-roo and watch the boys again. I watched them this Friday while she watched them last week for me. I took this picture of ALL 4 BOYS in the Wagon.....that I pulled around our 2 acres......I was huffing and puffing the whole way.
3 blonds and a Red head. They are T- 3.5yr, my C- 1.5yr, Mac 2yr, & Big C 4yr.
You don't realize how many hills you have in the yard until you are pulling a 100 pound plus wagon full of cute kids in the yard.

We had a great weekend. Next weekend we have another birthday to Celebrate....Lil' A.G.- we are coming to your house to celebrate your birthday!!

Have a Good Week!!


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