Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boomerang Express came and went...

Well by far the most exciting part of last week was VBS (vacation bible school)

Boomerang Express, was a train ride through Australia that we learned about Jesus through Peter's experiences with Jesus in person. Our train just happened to be Thomas.
(he is the 3rd car back front seat)

T was so excited- he loved every minute of it!!
Here he is with a little buddy we go to church with.
In fact Saturday morning he said "guess what daddy since you are home today you can go to swim lessons and bible school with us today!" Bless his heart, he was so confused- we never go anywhere 2 days in a row.
We would leave the house every night at 4:45 to eat at church, thank God for people who thought to serve the workers of VBS. That was Wonderful! Then we would VBS from 5:30- 8:30 leave the church at around 9 every night!!! Whew makes me tired just to think back on it.
It was so well worth it. I taught a bible study class and crafts for ages 3-5. Can I get another Whewwwww........... I was totally drained each night. I loved the kids they were great, but the glue and the sticky foam crafts.....what was I thinking????
Each night we had around 160 kids total, just 38 in my group. And 60+ workers. I thought that was great too. Never have I ever been in such an organized VBS. That was even more wonderful!! We had about 5 ask Jesus in their hearts. That was great too!!
The last night we stood on stage with our 38 some pre-school. They recited 2 Peter 3:18 together and sang a few songs. It was so funny, thought I was gonna loose it up there with them. After it took us only 5 minutes or so to get up there, have them stand in a semicircle. Then they said the verse so well. ALL the sudden they turned on the music to sing- It was like they took a plug and shocked the kids with voltage........They ALL started jumping and dancing around like a bunch of little monkeys......... Then a few got a little brave and went to the edge of the stage- thought they were gonna body surf across the church there for a moment. I had NO CONTROL of my little group on the right side of the stage. So, I just went and sat on the edge of the stage to keep the monkeys from falling and breaking anything. Those Pentecostals ain't got nothin' on these little Baptist kids!! CRAZY I tell you!!! And mine was the ring leader....imagine that....sweet little T!!!

We did tell T on the way to church that night, If he did good and sang good on stage. We would get him some ice cream afterwards! every time.....although next time I will tell him to STAND and sing. That ice cream was really good!!! Too bad we had to get it on the was late!!!! Good thing we were in Daddy's truck not My car!!!


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