Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Okay I am a little late.... I have finally caught up this week.

These are some pics from Father's Day at my parent's in laws house.

Here is My Baby Daddy and my 2 kids.
My three FAVORITE people!!!

This is My Father in Law & his two kids.
My poor sis-in-law she is only 4 feet tall... hee hee....

This is B's grandfather and his two daughters.

I framed a poem for B from the boys. It says we are too little to fit in daddy's shoes but we feel ten foot tall when we put them on, and how they hope to grow up and be as good as their daddy.

Have a Good Weekend.



Kecia said...

There you are! I was looking for you, but couldn't remember your blog name. :)
Sweet daddy pics, and your VBS sounds like it went great!

kwallocha said...

Love the boots and tennis shoes picture.