Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please Pass the Ketchup!

Just a heads up. If you ever want to invite us over for supper- PLEASE have COLD KETCHUP on hand. I learned VERY early on in our marriage to have the ketchup COLD too!!

B has always had a LOVE for ketchup- beef. pork, chicken, ham, eggs, I could go on and on... ALL of his family knows that he loves ketchup. I love the look on there faces when we go over to eat and they are almost out or have a half of bottle left. They are praying in their head "please God let that be enough for B!!"
We were probably married about a month or so, I had no ketchup in the fridge. I did have a bottle in the pantry. Well, I was told very quickly that "My mama ALWAYS has an extra bottle in the fridge- so there is one cold at all times for me!" After he wiped the HOT ketchup off his face I told him " you better not forget where she lives!" We laugh about this story to this day- Honestly I did not squirt it in his face- I just threw the bottle across the room and said "can your mama catch this?" Nearly knocking his head off!!! I really love my mother-in-law she is great!! I just had to learn a few of her tricks.....I am still learning!!
On to the kids......HELLO that is what the pictures are about!!
I believe they have found the LOVE that their daddy has for ketchup!! Now that C can use a fork he LOVES to dip his whatever food that is on his plate in ketchup. After he points to the 'cold' bottle on the table and flaps his arms while whining "this...this...this..." I tell him to say " Ketchup Please"- Then he repeats what I said his tongues that he speaks???
Still not for sure what language it is.
Give both the boys a squirt of the red stuff and they are happy campers- or eaters.
I had to grab my camera last night. It was crazy funny. They both were laughing at each other- not knowing they both had messy faces. C kept saying "mmmmmm up....mmmmm up" Maybe that means ketchup??
I do like ketchup but prefer Mustard. Yes I will eat it with fries and some things-but I like the COLD yellow stuff better!!
How about you Ketchup, Mustard or Mayo??

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Courtney Goodwin said...

I can totally relate to the ketchup thing. Leyton has to have it with everything. Its so bad that if he has a spoon then he will it spoon fulls of ketchup!! GROSS! Leyton likes it on like peas and veggies from Millers! Hope you have a wonderful day.