Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to....


We Love You!!!

Here Grana is with Poppie and all their grand kids.

Grana is my mom~ Who is the BEST of course!!!

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!

~On a side note I thought of my mom yesterday~ wanted to share something. I am so grateful that she has set a good example of being a mother and spending quality time with me and my sister. I think of her often when I get to spend quality time with my two boys.

Look for quality time story on tomorrows post.

For now I would like to share:

Things that my mother taught me about be a mother ( she may not even know)

Unconditional Love- no matter what I ever did she was always there to pick me up wipe me off and Love me.

Love & Respect for others- she would take us and show us different ways of living to be proud and fortunate for what we have. Often times she would take us to the nursing home to visit people we did not even know and show them love, how it would brighten their day.

Simple things in Life that count- she would always have simple gifts of love and appreciation for us or others and always taught us to give, give, give--- to others first then put ourselves last.

Patience- she would take time to show us things in a slow manner, she sat in the car with me when I was 4 or 5 and she said we are not getting out and going in side until you can tie your shoe....don't know how long it was. But I learned that day, and she sat by me and walked me through tying my shoe a hundred times.

Most Important she taught me about God- who he is, his power, his grace and I was saved in the car at the age of 5. She lead me to the Lord and I want to see the same for my boys!!

I pray that I am half the mama that my mom was to me.... I'll pretty good then!!!

Love you mama!!


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