Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying to's a short review....

WOW.... I so need to catch up on my blog.
We have been so busy this last week- I am still spinning

Here's a review....
We drove to Texas for the day to see this sweet little angel Lil A.G. for her 3rd Birthday Party!!
Yes, that is ME sliding down the water slide.....those are definitely worth checking back to see!! I was sporting a "dugger" look- with a t-shirt over the suit and a swim skirt on- hahaha!!!

Swim lessons everyday last week from 12:00- 1:00 (thirty mins. each boy) I packed a lunch and sat with C while T swam- then it was our turn.....Whoo Hoo...I just love bathing suit season!! Not really!!!! I dread it with a passion!!!! Gotta do it for the kids though!!!

Then it was home for a two hour nap for the boys, not for me I was busy gearing up for VBS from 5:30- 8:30 each night. YES, 3 hours with 30+ three to five year old. All I have to say it next year I think I am signing up for snacks!!! I was completely worn out and exhausted each night. Then had to take my hyper kool-aid addicted kids home at 9 and try to calm them down to go to bed. The first night C got to bed at 11:30!!! I took advantage of his being worn out hoping he would pass out each night and weaned him from his bottle!!! It worked- no bottle for a week now.....'bout time- thought he was gonna have to take a bottle for nap time when he went to kindergarten!!
Then of course it was Father's Day this weekend. We tried to rest and just hang out with our daddy. We had good weekend with him- seeing that we had NOT seen him ALL week LONG!!
He would come in and we would leave for Bible School. Luckily, I DID NOT have to cook supper ALL week LONG!!! What a break- it was wonderful!!! The church fed all the VBS workers!!!
What a Blessing!!!
OK, so the next few days will be a review of the last week.....stay tuned!!
Have a Good Week.

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