Monday, June 1, 2009

wheww.....glad the weekend is over....we can rest!

What a weekend!!!
Once again we packed as much as possible into it. We had a visitor this weekend. our niece big A.G. came to spend the night!! I had so much fun having another girl in the house- nice to not be the only one!! Funny thing, all those years I did hair.... I cannot do little girls hair that well. In fact she asked for piggy tails.....I was searching for little rubberbands to put her hair up!! I have no clue why I struggle with little girls and their hair??
Guess that is why God gave me boys.....just need a water bottle or spit from a mother's mouth for a nice hair do.
Here are some fun pics I took of the T & A.G. playing this weekend. T loves his cousin A.G. she is a lot of fun....we all had a blast!! I think it is cute to see little girls playing with race cars....then when we go to her house he totes a purse and baby stroller around!! They did LOVE the Zoomorpheses, no joke they sat on his bed for atleast and hour making crazy looking creatures.

We made home made pizza.....they loved getting to put what ever they wanted on the pizza. A.G. was a real natural at it. Then they ate it all up!!

T had a "SURPREME" with chicken, cheese, bell peppers, onion, squash, zuchinni, olives, mushrooms...etc.

A.G. made a simple- Chicken & Cheese!! Simple easy Girl!!

We also took the kids to see the movie UP. It was really funny!! Maybe a little over their heads in a few places. There were at least 3 other kids from T's class we saw at the movies- and it seem to catch all their attention. You need to check it out- absolutely NO cuss words in it!!! Love going to a movie that is clean ;0)
Where is C in all the pictures you might ask......well after struggling for over 2 hours with anyone who would hold him in the movie- he feel asleep on the way home and slept for 3 hours!!
He had fun too!
Love you A.G. cannot wait until you can come back and spend the night again!!


kwallocha said...

Looks like T had lots of fun!

~Bekah said...

looks like ur weekend was full of fun!! mine was full of emotional rollercoasters, contractions and a cold :(....that and meltdowns...haha...