Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple things in Life....

You know it is really not the fast pace city life around here. I love that we live in the country. We have a little over 2 acres. Woods surround us, so we often go for a nature walk.
Yesterday we took a walk- it takes at least a half an hour or more. We walk along the woods and talk about the different noises, smells and sounds. C kept on saying "burd". HE is finally talking more. T would say "stop what was that....did I hear a turkey or a deer?" Of course he was loaded down with his gun (fake of course), binoculars, and a couple of sticks- just in case we saw a bear or something. He keeps me laughing all the time.

When we got to the front of the house we looked at the flowerbed- saw butterflies and bees busy in all the beautiful flowers. Not only is it time for me to spend with the boys- it is God's time to show me his beautiful creation. We watched as the busy Bee would fly from one flower to the other.

T then mentioned he was thirsty. I thought we would go in for lunch. Then for just a second, I told him "how would you like to have a picnic??" Well, mid all the jumping up and down and yipee screams- I got the clue he wanted to have a picnic.

We stepped inside, I fixed our sandwiches. Grabbed a couple of bags of chips, apples, and bottles of water. Then hid some "special" drinks behind my back as I slipped them in the bag. Last but not least grabbed a blanket out of the closet.

We proceeded out the door lunch bags, blanket in tow. All they was to the large shade under the Gum tree in our back yard T chanted " we're gonna have a picnic....we're gonna have a piccccnicccc" I spread the blanket, handed the food to the boys.....then gave them a "Capri sun drink" you know the little foil looking packet that if you squeeze it- it goes all over EVERYTHING!! Well those are "special" drinks at our house. They are loaded with sugar and I would prefer they just drink milk or water at meals. SO Special time call for Special Drinks!!!

C was probably the most excited about the drink because- he has never had one.....but ALWAYS gets in trouble for taking them out of the pantry. Honestly the kid NEVER put his drink down. He was probably afraid I was gonna take it away from him.
We played I spy noises and see spy while we ate. C caught on...he would point and go "that" every time we would say anything. It was making me & T laugh. We laid back on the blanket and watched the birds. T wanted to look at clouds and guess shapes- but there were NONE in the sky. I then saw 3 buzzards (vulture- for you non- country folk) circling over us, told T well that is not a good sign- they think we are dead. "We better go inside now."
The best part of the day, I was reminded of my mom and how she did special things for us and took us special places. It is QUALITY time that I remember. I hope the boys remember the same from me.
My MOST favorite moment was: when we walked inside, T turned grabbed my leg squeezed it hard and said "Thanks mama that was the best picnic I never had!" I would have to admit That was the BEST picnic I have never had too!!! Gotta Love those Kids and how they word things!!

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~Bekah said...

aww what a special day! i can't wait to do this w/ shelby!