Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun in the Dark

Lately we have had a monsoon of rain. We have lost our electricity many times. Well you know what they say.... when life gives you lemons.....try to find them in the dark with a flashlight and make lemonade.
One night in particular we luckily had ALL had our baths....it was a muddy day, one of those strip down at the back door and run to the bath tub. We had just sat down at the table for supper and listened to the thunder and lightening....it was getting pretty strong and the wind now we know was clocked at 66 mph.
Then all of the sudden........SILENCE & DARKNESS.
Been there? You know there is no buzz from the lights, TV, fridge, etc.
T had never experienced the moment, so he was a little weirded out for a moment. Then I grabbed the 2 candles out of each bathroom, the flashlight??? where would it be- Oh yes in the trunk of my car!!! Ran out in the ran to get it.
Then I remembered I bought theses little lanterns for the boys. I was inspired by Jon & Kate plus 8. I love that show, and they gave their kids lanterns and let them go camp out in the back yard. We have not camped out- but they came in handy!
So here we were sitting at the dinning room table. Making a LOG HOME!! I was trying to keep C- OFF the table. We then moved to the floor and played every game we had, two or three times.
We always read the bible to the boys at bed time. Why not act it out with little people?? Great idea I thought. We had little people firemen as bible characters and baby Jesus also filled in as baby moses in a basket.
We had a BLAST!! Honestly, I know why the people who grew up living in the dark at night were so much closer. The talked!!! Instead of the TV and all the modern distractions. They had no clue about all we have today. What a mess modern things can turn special relationships into.
I would love to just turn the lights out again one night and do it again. We were without for 2 hours. All the boys went to sleep and I did the dishes with a flashlight while listening to the Entergy trucks humming out side. Apparently there was a line down right behind our house.
What do you do when the Lights go out at your house?

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Stacy said...

ha so cute!!! i wish i would have thought to take pics when ours went out....we taught the kids to play "Go fish".... and david did card tricks..lol