Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To be a Fly on the Tree

We were doing a little yard work and the boys were playing outside. I looked over and saw them sitting under this large pine tree talking, ran inside to get the camera and caught this moment!!

Thank God I was able to catch this on camera. I pray that my boys are close when the grow up. I have a sister that is 26 months older than me. We were always close and remain that way. We are totally opposite but from the same parents- just like my two.
We have had our moments, and I am sure my boys will too! No matter what we still Love and Care about each other more than the other one knows!

I just wish I could have been closer to hear the conversation.
What do you think they are talking about??

Yes, that is Clay EATING BARK!!! It has not come out in the diaper yet?? So maybe he was just tasting it??
Got any advice for that???



Mandy Keith said...

All I can tell you about putting stuff in the mouth is that Kylie will be 3 in May and still does! Mom said she read somewhere most kids stop by age 4. She said it said to remind them that we put food in our mouth and nothing else.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How stinkin' sweet is that picture of those two?????