Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What was I thinking??

Right after I spent two and a half hours cleaning our back porch. Ridding it of all the spiders who had made there homes there this winter, and the lovely pine pollen we get here in LA, not to mention leaves, pine needles...I could go on forever. The boys had been sleeping and I felt good that I accomplished a lot. We play outside a lot- we have many toys to play with outside too. I cleaned every toys down with my favorite Thieves Cleaner (all natural). It is wonderful takes black mold off of things and smells great in the process- not to mention your kids, when they put it in their mouths- and they will at my house; It does not harm them!!

Ok on to my mistake. A friend of mine gave me this table years ago, for the kids who came to my beauty shop to color on and use. Well, it has not been used for 4 years nearly. I was cleaning it up and found that it was deep inside. What a great "water table" you know like the ones they sell at the store for $100 plus!! I am so smart and thrifty!! Yeah Right!!

I got it out and filled it with water. Knowing how much C likes to splash water in the sink, tub, you name it- he sees water it is gonna get splashed!

I placed it on the corner of the porch......1st mistake.....should have been in grass. They were so excited to see it and of course C splashed himself completely soaking wet with in seconds!!

Then T asked if he could build a sand castle......2nd mistake......should have said NO!! Then he proceeded to carry the sand with a shovel (small kids one) across the newly swept and spotless porch.....not any more!!!

Then I looked over and saw ALL the MESS!!! I was distracted for a few minutes due to organizing the balls, bats, golf clubs, bowling set, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc.. into different "new homes."

I was thinking to my self "Self what have you just done....You have spent two and a half hours cleaning, organizing, and sweating over this whole porch ONLY for it to be completely destroyed in seconds!!"

Then I looked at how much fun they were having and said " Self it was worth it!"

No matter how much I clean the house or pick up toys- IT is a NEVER ENDING JOB!! Just as motherhood is. You never get a day or hour off!! There are the moments you may get away without children, but they are still on your mind 24/7.

And to think one day I will be sweeping that same porch with T's little feet print in the concrete from his 1st birthday. I will be reminded of this day when all the water & sand were here and now it's gone and so are my boys!

So don't worry about the mess- get messy it will wash up and the memories will stay forever!



kwallocha said...

Lucas is the same way when he is outside. Always getting dirty and driving me nuts. After we are done playing outside we always have to take a bath. Thankfully he enjoys his baths as much as he does getting dirty.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Will it make you feel better or worse to know that my kids mess up a clean house within seconds of walking in the door?

Okay...I'm like 25 posts behind on your blog. Gonna do my best to catch up!