Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day full of JOY!!

What a GREAT Mother's Day!!

My Cup is Overflowing with Joy and Happiness....

For Years my husband and I wanted children so bad, it hurt at times. We lost a baby along the 4 year journey. Seems that if you are not a mother of a physical child on Earth- you are not honored as a mother?? I have never felt that way. I have felt as if I have been a mother always even if my first two babies are in heaven. Regardless of a mistake of mine.....God does not make mistakes. He has Grace for those who do.

Well, for years it has been hard to attend Mother's Day services. Yes, the past 4 years have been better. I was 6 months pregnant one year, the last 3 I have had living babies to celebrate with me. This year tops them ALL!!

The church my husband grew up in and we attended our first 4 married years together, is a traditional southern baptist church. FULL of Wonderful People!! They honor each woman with at flower- then go through the Mother's oldest, youngest, most children.... and so on. Over the last 3 years we have not been there for Mother's Day nor did we attend a church that honored Ladies in the way.

For year's this moment on this special day I would have to literally choke back tears! Seeing all the mother's get a flower.

This moment this year brought tears of JOY to my eyes.....I got my FLOWER!!

My precious 3 year old brought me this flower. Oh the Joy in my heart. To have a healthy child living on earth with us to bring us laughter, joy, and comfort after all those years.

Then we celebrated with family at my husband's aunt & uncles house. Here I am with my boys and our sweet niece A.G. I have two niece's they both are "my girls" I love girly stuff deep down inside- I absolutely LOVE to buy for girls!!! That is why God gave me Boys!!

For my present this year and the past few years. My awesome husband just tells me to go to the local florist/ nursery and pick out whatever for my flowerbeds & potted plants. I purchased a lot of flats and planted them in different planters on my porch. Here is one. I LOVE IT!!! .

My husband & the boys gave me a sweet card with puppies on it- T was so proud he picked it out himself he told me! He came home Friday after running a few errands with his daddy and immediately told me "we went somewhere and got you something, Daddy told me not to tell you and if you asked to say I cannot tell you- OK?" I then replied "where did you go?" (I know I am so mean--- temptation) He said "freddies?" I was thinking he must have to him some funny name so I would not catch on. I just left it at that- knowing I was getting a card!

I am so joyful and happy that this year was a great one- I hope you had a great Mother's Day too!! What did you get for gifts? How do you celebrate?


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