Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon & thoughts....

I really love the show Jon & Kate plus 8. It comes on about bed time around here so we enjoy watching the "kids". I think it was great for them to think ahead to have video footage of their precious blessings videoed in there own home on TV. I just don't think they thought it would go this far. Paparazzi and crazy fans. That is just something that comes along with it.

I recently purchased a few magazines to read the story. People I hear is the "real story". I read it and it is just so sad that a TV show can ruin a family who seemed to be so strong it their beliefs and faith. Honestly that is just how the devil works his powers.

I am reminded regularly how I am a lot like Kate....from my husband. Although he also reminds me that the way she treat her husband is NOT how I treat him. But the organized and routine side of her. How she likes everything in it's place and loves to take kids to fun places and spend quality time with them.

I feel as if we all loose track of time so quickly and it can put you in a complete tail-spin when you are not putting God first in ALL things. Even though the sextuplets had a great birthday party and it was well planned and organized- was there Love and Peace there? I did not see it.

I really hope this is just a season of change for them- I really wish they could hang it up and call it quits to save a marriage. I would hate for the kids to see this unfold on TV for the world to see.

I wonder if they have seen FIREPROOF?? If not I think Kirk Cameron and his fine little self needs to personally deliver it to the family. Would it not be a great thing for them to get back together and go to church and everything be mended. Just as the movie we watched this weekend Marley & Me said " you don't end mend it."

If you have not seen FIREPROOF.......go beg, borrow or steal (okay maybe not steal then you would be on TV yourself) 19.99 to watch it!! It will be the BEST money you have EVER spent....EVER!!! Not just for married people.....for people in general.

I really pray for their marriage to make it.


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~Bekah said...

OMG MOLLIE! i HAD NO IDEA YOU BLOGGED?!! i'm soo adding you to my list... the whole Jon & Kate Plus 8 thing really has me just full of sorrow for them and how it got this way...i've ALWAYS hated how she's treated Jon and how he treats her sometimes. I remember watching a recap episode where they went back before the kids came and how happy they were and full of joy and love for each other and then once the 6 came it was made chaos. i pray their marriage makes it too but i do agree..the need to turn the cameras off and work on their marriage not their separate agendas.
love ya girl! :)