Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Treat Surprise

You know when you are growing up....you always seem to remember one special thing or moment that never leaves you. I always LOVED it when we would come home from school and my mom would have a snack of peanut butter crackers, celery with peanut butter or cheese and crackers.

Our little colored Tupperware plate would be sitting on the bar and we would enjoy an afternoon snack. Well, I thought I would continue that tradition. I just started because I have been buying Icee's at the local Icee store- or a cherry-limeade at Sonic happy hour. Then on to pickup T from school.
Yesterday when I picked him up I had NOT a dime in my pocket!! Yes I know it was Monday- but remember my job pays by the hugs & kisses not $$!! So there I was with no money for a "special drink"? What to do?? Then I thought, Well I have been wanting to start this WHY NOT NOW!!!
Here is what you will need.....
I fixed Peanut Butter Crackers, with craisins. I made a little cute face- he needed a nose so I grabbed a baby carrot.
And this is what I got.....
He did have to share with little brother and in fact I had to make 6 more crackers with pb. Then he was asking for another carrot. But, finally he was satisfied and the empty preschoolers belly was FULL!!
And my heart was FULL of JOY and HAPPINESS too!! I loved the BIG smile and excitement on his face. I will continue to do this even when he wakes up from his naps.
What a Happy Boy!!!
At supper we always go around the table and talk about our day....he said his favorite time was his surprise snack I made him!!!
I love that kid!! I slipped him a $ 5 under the table!! haha not really!!
Do you do special snacks?? If so what are they??

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