Friday, May 29, 2009

10 years ago today.....

Charlotte Johnson could not stand a chance 10 years ago today.......I was SWANGIN'

This big guy from Arkansas asked me to marry him, on his parents back porch while we were swangin' the porch swing! LOVE IT!!! Nothing more southern than that.

We had dated for 3 1/2 years. All I can say it thank God for TIME!!! Look at that hair....or lack there of.....We definitely are those who have fallen in Love for
who we were not what we looked like..... I guess??
Really it was the tie.... I could not resist a guy in a looney tone tie!!!
This picture was actually taken when we started dating....Feb. 1996.
What was I thinking that perm.....honestly when his mom took this on EASTER Sunday and mailed it to me- I was still in beauty school- I got a straightener the next day!!!
Do you blame me. B grew his hair back 2 years later. Thank God!!
Happy Anniversary B.... I LOVE YOU!!!


Mandy said...

Ya'll were too cute! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! Hope ya'll get to do something fun!

kwallocha said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Any big plans? 10 years is a big accomplishment nowadays. Go celebrate it.