Friday, May 1, 2009

Words that start with B

T has this thing that he says some words that don't even begin with B. Here is the B Dictionary.

Bmayto- Tomato. " My favorite food is cherry bmayto"

Bdraffe- Giraffe " We saw bdraffe at the zoo"

Bgarage- Garage "Daddy lets go to the bgarage and ride the tractor."

Breated- Created " In the beginning God breated the heavens and Earth."

BKing- The car named King on CARS movie "Bking is not gonna win the race because he crashes"

We have no earthly idea where he has gotten this idea for saying B in front of words??? He can in fact say each word correctly- but when he gets in a hurry and is telling a story he just says B. Lately though my husband and I have noticed he is doing it less. Kinda like when he first learned to say "thank you" it came out- "knock new" so funny!! Just hope he does not start Bkindergarten saying it!!

Have a Good Weekend!!


P.S.- my spell check went crazy on this post!!! hahaha imagine that.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How sweet.

Will had a hard time with the letter "L". We still tease him about saying things like, "Mommy, my weg hurts".
It's sweet.