Monday, May 18, 2009

Are there Beaver's living here??

This is our beautiful expensive crib...

This is the work of Our Little Beavers.....

When T was in this crib he did a little damage, then when C came here.....well the damage can speak for itself. I have tried to buy a cover- they don't fit. The sides are custom made. If I had to do it over again I would buy a cheaper crib that every thing fits. My husband's parents bought it for us- I am so thankful that they purchased this crib I looked for on the Internet and did tons of research. Little did I know there was no guard for teething babies, nor would it fit anything they sale in the store to go on the side (eg. mobiles, lights, music things...) Atleast it fits mattresses and sleeping babies... I did not say LONG sleeping babies though!!

While I was expecting C and we did the "move" from T's room to C's room. I looked at the teeth marks. In disgust I said "I think I am gonna sand this down and re-stain it" My precious father-in-law said in his sweet soft voice. "Those are priceless teeth marks, one day you will wish you still had them!" Enough said, I kept it the same. Now there are just added marks. What a mouth look at those marks on the side???

I cannot complain I have been blessed with 2 healthy babies. One who would sleep 14 hour nights the other who still sometimes sleeps 4 hour nights.
Maybe he has wood stuck in his teeth?

This is a bed that converts to a toddler bed. For years we will see the work of our "little beavers" and those teeth might get knocked out or just fall out. Then they might be covered with braces one day. Then they will be grown and not even eating in our house anymore. But you can bet I am hanging on to this priceless piece of wood.

Do you have any beavers at your house??



kwallocha said...

Guess what, Lucas did the same thing. His crib is the same way. Spent a fortune on it and now we can see his teeth marks until he moves out with his bed (you can even convert it to a grown-up bed). Anyway, for our next one we will buy one a little cheaper. I looked already at cribs at Target and their prices are a lot more reasonable. They look and work just as good (converting and everything). See you soon

mandy keith said...

Kylie chewed on hers too!!!!!!!!!!