Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Country Dining at It's Best


This weekend we ordered crawfish from a local store and we decided to eat out on the back porch. Seeing that the ONLY time it has ever been used to eat at is usually a birthday party. We enjoyed it- think we have started something new! The boys enjoyed it even more than we did. They could not wait to get back to playing. When I drove to town to pick up the crawfish- B turned his back for a "moment" (that is all it takes) and a mud puddle was attacked with great force!! That is all I need to say. Boys!!

Yummy!!! I have acquired a love of crawfish and I am picking up pace on eating them. It takes skill to twist pull and dip into butter!

Yummy....did I say that once already!!

B is a serious crawfish eater....he gets into it and it cracks me up with his serious face. He is so competitive, I am sure he sees it as a challenge.......how many he can eat how fast!!
I fixed the boys a plate of grilled chicken and veggies. The crawfish can tend to be a little spicy- especially since we live so close to Louisiana. True Cajun food. Plus, they just enjoyed looking at the creature and acting like it was gonna get us. T enjoyed the "pincher's". I think C enjoyed NOT sitting in a highchair more than anything!!

Since it was a holiday weekend, we enjoyed daddy being home one extra day. We stayed up late ....til' 10 o'clock on Sunday night...... I know we are so living on the edge!!

We did watch Tale of Despereaux- it was a special treat. We made a tent in the living room and laid on the floor watching the little mouse movie. We saw it when it first came out in the theater....it is such a cute movie. Definitely worth buying.

B & I watched Marley & Me......Oh my goodness, don't watch this movie if you have just lost a dog within months!!! I am NOT a crying person- especially at movies I know are not real. This one could have been real. Plus, I could totally relate to it. It is a great movie though. Although I watched half of it with swollen tear filled eyes.

Thinking about going to watch UP in the theaters this weekend- I need to check out ratings and previews for kids under 3??? Every time T sees the preview on TV he says... "mama he is sticking out his tongue.....we don't do that!!!" I would hate to spend money on a ticket- then have to leave if it is not that great of taste.

Did you have a good weekend?? What did you do?? Seen any good movies lately??


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