Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is a day of Remembrance of Fallen Soldiers.

I am proud to be from a family of many soldiers.
Theses are the Family members who have gone on before and we are extremely grateful for their sacrifice and service for our freedom of our country.

My Uncle D.A. served in the Navy
November 15, 1942- May 5, 2005

My Grandpa Paul "Daddy Pete" served in the Marines

November 13, 1914- February 6, 1995

B's Grandpa Roy Lee served in the Navy
November 21, 1927- June 20, 1992

I pray that all soldiers families are comforted this day and each day.
I Thank God that these men in my family were brought home safely to raise families. There are so many who don't come home, or even get to say "goodbye". May God Bless them All.

P.S. Happy 35th Wedding anniversary to B's Parents! We Love You!!

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