Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer

Most of You Know I Pray each day. I think that Prayer is a Powerful thing. I feel honored as a Christian that the Nation Recognizes this Day.

This is my Daily Prayer, (it is printed and taped to my mirror- but it has been there so long I have it memorized)

Father, Please forgive me where I have failed you. I know there are times in the day that I fail you each day, thank you for having grace on my soul to send your son for my sins and sickness.

I pray Lord for my Family, B and his safety while he is at work- bring him home safely to us. I pray that every mile he drives your angels will carry him. I also thank you for bringing our lives together. I love you for giving him to me.

I pray Lord for my Boys, that they will have the mind of Christ and can do all things through your strength. I pray that Lord you give them the Terrific two"s & three's. I pray Lord for no strife in the house today between them and me. I pray Lord that you protect them every fall and bump they have today. Father I pray that they both be saved and come to know a relationship with you at a young age. Lord I pray for their spouses, I don't know who they are- but I know you do. Please give those women Godly homes to grow up in and you and your word. I pray Lord that they follow you not be led to the Left or Right, that they stay straight on your path that you have for them.

I pray Lord for me today that you give me strength to keep up with the boys. Give me Peace and Patience with them. I pray that I be the mom and wife that you have called me to be. Please protect us in the house and on the road as we travel. I thank you in advance for your protection over our house- that no weapon against us will prosper. I pray father that every where I go every one I meet today, sees you in me. Let me let Your Light Shine. Amen.

These on My Pray List:

Our families protect our mothers, fathers, sisters, brother's in law, nieces, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I pray each day that they draw closer to God and those that don't know God- that he may draw them to him. My Friend Heather, age 30 cancer, My Friends who have lost babies with Mothers Day coming up, My friend Sarah who lost her 2 yr old baby last year this time. My friends who are pregnant and even our cousin getting ready to give birth for them and their babies. I pray for a list of names from facebook who they have sent me request privately, I pray for my mamaw & papaw and her illness, I pray for B's grandmother and her illness that the Lord give her the mind of Christ, I pray for our nation and the leaders, I pray for our church and pastor, deacons, and their families, I also have a list in my bible from Sunday School. Any others I might think of I just pray for them as I think of that person through out the day.

You might think "I don't know how to Pray to God- or I never have." My friend it starts with a relationship. When you have a relationship with Christ then you just talk to him. Each day I talk to him before my feet hit the floor- then through out the day. Just as you talk to your husband it comes naturally you feel trust, comfort, a shoulder to be there for you- just as it does when you have a relationship with Christ.

If you don't know Christ as your Savior, PLEASE e-mail me so we can talk. Go visit a church this Sunday or visit a friend that knows him. TRUST ME- you will be glad that you did.

I pray that you have a GREAT DAY!!!


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