Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not a Computer Geek

OK today I have to bust B out. He is SO not the Computer Geek. He is a hard working truck driver. In fact this month he will be driving a truck for 10 years!!

He is such a hard worker. He is gone away from us a lot, but no matter how tired he is he always likes to take time for his most important jobs- Husband & Daddy!

Well the other night he asked " Can I look something up on the computer?" Surprised I said "Yes- what a map to the location you are going?" He responded "No a Truck"

As he proceeded to sit in front of the computer he said "how do you turn it on?" Yes he did!

Then I googled Trick my Truck apparently there is a Kenworth with a certain type of bumper. fender, stack, paint job...I really don't know what he liked the best about the truck.

Then as I proceeded to fold laundry as he drooled all over the computer at chrome and trucks. His next question floored me.... " hey what is faw-q" I said "EXCUSE ME?" surprised and confused by what he just said. And as he uncontrollably laugh he said this and pointed to the letters on the screen- FAQ! Otherwise known as Frequently Ask Questions. The rest of that conversation is was pretty much laughter, snorting laughs and gasping for air! We laughed until we cried. I love those silly moments together- I will cherish them always!!

I knew you would get a kick out of my little computer geek in training!

He needs to keep his day job.... what do you think?


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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

VERY funny, Mollie. Tell him not to quit trucking!