Thursday, February 11, 2010

My style & My way short stacked bob

Here we's longest blog on hair!!! My husband so graciously took my pictures Sunday morning as I was rushing to get ready for church....I already messed my alarm clock up and was running late- but it has been so hard for me to take pictures of MYSELF doing my OWN HAIR!!

So here is my step by step of how I do my hair my way!! Starting with shampooing my hair. Now IF I am going to not go anywhere the next day I will wash my hair in the shower that night. If I plan to make a public appearance besides the UPS man...I bet he has SEEN some dark sides of s@hm!! This one included! I will wash it in the morning first thing!! I recently have found the BEST smelling shampoo & Conditioner!

Moroccan Oil it makes my hair feel and look great!! Plus it has an oil that I put on the ends of my hair for any frizzy pieces. It smells so good- I can't say what it smells like...just good!!

Then I spray my hair with my root lifter....if you missed my favorite products click HERE to see what they are. I spray the root lifter- where else...the roots- at the TOP of my head. Then a take the blow dryer and kinda just toss my hair around, just to give it a little almost dry/damp feel.

After that I use my secret for lift on my hair....Vlecro rollers. I did find a video on velcro rollers great example short video. And she tells you exactly HOW to apply them. I use the medium to large ones. This is what my hair looks like on top when I put them in!!

While my hair has the velcro rollers- I then blow dry the back of the bottom and side & front of my hair- every so often blowing the heat on my rollers. The KEY to my blowing dry...I use 3 different types of brushes!! Small, medium & large!! For my hair style it is important. IF i were to use the Large one on the bottom- it would STICK OUT!! Or use a little one on would be a bite of a doo doo curl!! HA!I found this website that has very good......Round Brush instructions... check it out!!Also VERY VERY use a diffuser....this dryer did not come with one- but it is that little pointy nozzle that goes on the end of the dryer- it helps the direction of the air to go DIRECTLY where you want it to go!!

And the COLD SHOT????What is that you say??? If you dryer were a gun...where would the trigger be?? That is your cold shot of air (not all dryers have time by one that does)!! When you are blowing hot air on your hair and twirling the round brush...push the cold shot on your dryer right before you move to the next piece of hair- it will set that curl in place and it will help you hair cuticle look better too!!

Then when I get done blowing all of it dry- I apply my make-up while the rollers finish drying completely!! Multi-task that is the key!! Not to mention...all the bathroom cleaners on the counter top... I thought he was taking close ups!! That would be the beginning of bathroom week. Unless there is someone coming over- I keep my cleaning products out.....and every time I enter the room- I clean- SOMETHING.....mirror, tub, shower, counter tops!! (I should have cropped those out- but I am human....I don't have a magazine looking house!!)

This is what my hair looks like when the rollers come out....BOOM...PUFF...SHAZAM!!!Now, next I make sure all the hair is DRY that were in the rollers. I then tease a little- not can do as much as you want. These girls did a BIG BUMP...really cute video!! I would not recommend the Bumpits.... very scary if you ask me...might look as if you are kin to a whale- if you don't apply it correctly!! The video shows very good example- you can do a little or a LOT....whatever you prefer!!I choose to do a little..... In fact we were in a super hurry when my dear husband so graciously took these pictures out of his own will!! And so my hair was not extremely big- but not as big as usual..if that is not confusing!!

I like a little handsome fella is quite a bit taller than I am so....I try not to be too short. Lynn my friend has a cute thing hanging on her station that says "The Higher the Hair the closer to GOD!!" Don't know if that is true.....but there are some people who are VERY VERY close to him in the south if that is true!!This is what my hair looks like when I am done teasing....Now I could just comb down a little and be done.....or I like to do a little more. As long as time allows. By this time my husband was about to go start the car.....and kids were walking to the back I kept on.....I sprayed my favorite HOT SETS spray on each strand before I use the CHI.Then I use the chi to get any fuzzy or frizzy hairs in control...mostly just around my face.This is what the top should look like.....from my husbands perspective of me!! :)Then a quick look at the back....nothing worse than having a Grand Canyon in the back of your head...sitting on the second row of church!! I had to start taking my own pics at this point!! And the paper on my mirror is a prayer each morning I say for my kids & their lives!!This is what the back looks like..... I take my 4th brush (the vented one I used to tease) and smooth out very gently.... all the holes and stray hairs!!

Then Pull out your HAIR SPRAY and spray it girl....I knock out another ozone layer!!! It should stay at least until you get to the car!!

By the husband was honking at this point!!!Then this is the finished look.....after church.....and teaching pre-school sunday school class!!!

I completely forgot to take a picture when I was is a bit wind blown & knocked down from the humidity....and tucked behind my ears (my favorite place for my hair) There you have it. Another note about my color..... My stylist uses Matrix. She foils in light highlights & a natural light brown. She does good- Don't cha think?? I used Redken- to each their own!!! If you do use color from the store...DO NOT EVER USE NICE & EASY!!!

Tell me how do you do you hair???



† B r a n d y † said...

I love it and I am getting the rollers the next time I go to the store!!!

Annie said...

Hey, Can you tell me where you got the big rollers.
Can't find in Canada anywhere.