Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So you think you can TRIM....HAIR???

Ok, this post in NO WAY is to take away from any hairstylist and what they make for a living. It is in fact a little help, for the brave- who think they can save a few bucks by stretching a haircut a few more weeks.

I am not responsible for any HOME haircut mistakes...or CUTS!!

This post just gives you a few little tips- that I think are very do-able to the reader....if you feel brave enough. The good thing about kids and men's hair....it grows fast & they can wear a hat if it looks that bad!!

Here is what you will need....

1 pair of texture shears, 1 pair of shears, 1 comb, trimmers (electric or cordless) You can get all these supplies at Sally's if you have one in your area. For the price you pay- think about all the hair cuts you could save on??

Oh yeah- a cute kid or person too.....a cape or towel to drape on their shoulders. Go check this earlier post I did of the same kid......4 years ago!!! Same picture- same cuteness!!

I also want to say- TRY THIS ON AN ADULT FIRST......kids may not have the Patience. They only reason I did a child- is because I needed and adult to take the pictures!!

Start with the Perimeter....outside lines of the hair. Here I am holding his face and cutting with my scissors right up against his skin. Be very careful not to scratch them.
If you feel like you might scratch them or say they need a bang trim...cut this way....chipping in the edge of the straight line of hair.Then continue all the way around- combing the hair forward and cutting a straight line. Then you can go back with the texture shears to blend in the bangs with the rest of the hair- holding your comb and shears like this.
Comb the hair up in small sections and pull it up all the way- until it almost falls out of your fingers....about the length that I have in this picture.

Move all the way across and over on the sides. (gotta love the fact the kid loves to smile @ the camera!!)

If you find it easier to do this......comb up the hair and what is left on the under side.....snip that. This technique is for the sides & back only!!
Remember ONLY using the texture shears.....do this- otherwise it might be gapped up....leave this for the professional- to cut with the shears!!

Then to trimming the edges.....You might just like to skip all the other steps and just do this- If your man need an emergency trim up and you have no appointment!!Use the trimmers right at the point that they want their sideburns. And with the trimmers turned on....place them in that spot and pull down....gently!!
Then go very carefully around the ear. You may want to pull it back- just be careful NOT to go too high!!! That would be called "white-walls"!!!

Go behind the ear- folding the ear forward and combing all the hair forward.

Continue to go all the way down to the neck line. Then comb all the hair straight down and go from middle to side out-----IF YOU GO SIDE TO SIDE....you might not be even. Starting the middle and go out to each side.
There you have it. Your man or little man- is trimmed up and can go about 2-3 more weeks before their next hair cut. And it will save you a few bucks a year- probably one-two haircuts a year?? I have no clue really.
My advice is honestly, if you feel nervous or don't feel confident- don't worry about the few bucks spared- GO TO THE BARBER!!! Because if you don't feel like you can do it. You might have that gut feeling that is saying....NO- THIS IS A MISTAKE!!
If you feel brave and you can do- GO FOR IT!!! You would really be surprised HOW MANY moms and wives cut or trim theirs husbands or kids hair!!! Amazing!!
Like I mentioned earlier....As the Dryer Turns....and Mollie are not liable for your cuts in anyway!!! This is strictly a simple way to trim and you don't have to do it!!
Try it and give me your feed back....or do you already cut your family's hair- tell me about it??


~Bekah said...

even if i did follow your advice/instruction, Josh Kee would no way let me near him w/ scissors! lol.. i do trim his neckline from time to time w/ the trimmers but that's as far as he allows..lol...
AWW UR BUTTON LOOKS AWESOME! I was hoping it would compliment your blog layout well. :) Awww and u added my button! I think you're the only person on the face of the earth to do so but yeah!! :) thanks! love ya lots see ya wed.!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

LOVE this series, Mollie.

I cut the girls' hair a lot...mostly because it'a all one length and I can't afford to pay $18 for a kids' cut when I have three kids. I do pay it (gladly) for Will because he's super picky about his hair.

When he was younger, I'd give him buzz cuts in the summer with my trimmers. My friend showed me how to do it...easy peasy. However, one time I forgot to put the guard on and gave him an inverted mohawk RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF HIS HEAD. I ended up having to shave all his hair off (he was bald for a week or two) which he loved and thought was cool. I was crying. My mom was here visiting and added insult to injury by saying that she was certainly glad she got some pictures of him while he still looked cute. Moral of the story: I've never forgotten the guard since then!

Lori said...

When Josh was in the 3rd or 4th grade and the chili bowl was the hair style. I was going to save some money. You know when you are saving money and cutting hair at the same time you are in trouble. I didn't have clippers and was trying to cut the bottom close to his scalp and gaped it BIG!!!! He cried and said he wasn't going to school. Did I mention that I was doing this at 7:00 AM. It was BAD really BAD. I ended up calling Rodney Dailey and he met me at his place and fixed it the best he could. To this day the kids laugh and say that I can never cut anyone's hair again.
As bad as it was, we did make memories. That's what it's about, making memories.