Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bang Trim

Last but certainly not least the BANGS!!! My mom use to TAPE our bangs to our forehead. Which was not a bad idea....if you want the STRAIGHT ACROSS look. They always looked great!! She was trying to save a few bucks rather than taking us in to get a bang trim. Honestly, it was also probably the night before school pictures- we had some HIGH bangs in a few of those pics. Love you Grana!! I got her back when I gave her a perm while I was in beauty school.....but that's a whole 'nother post and a trip to the couch in the psychiatrist office!! HA!! Here is what you will need:

1 pair of SHARP SHEARS.....please don't use kitchen scissors....those are for a bag of chips!

1 comb

1 clip
Here is my before.....see how long my bangs are- not straight but in my eyes.

Section the part you want for your bangs.....remember this is a TRIM NOT a fresh cut- so if you have most hair to your eyes and one or two to your nose.....straighten your section. Or graciously have a helper to assist you in getting a straight line. Once you have the hair you want to TRIM sectioned out- then clip ALL the hair you don't want cut...BACK out of the way!!(even though this is an after pic- just ignore that and look at the clip)Then very carefully start to snip at an ANGLE..... not straight across....making a zzzz look....zig zagging you hair. When you snip....use small snips and NOT DEEP UP INTO THE HAIR!!! Take baby steps. Then you can always comb it down and that where I want my hair to fall....if not.....take little bit more off......a LITTLE IS THE KEY WORD!!Moving all the way you see the ZIG ZAG in this picture?? That is what it should look like. Now mine are angled.....that means take more off the middle and less of the ends. Easiest way to descibe that. Then there you have it.....soft swept bangs to the side. I can also wear them in the front because they are short enough. I like mine right at my eyebrow or just a hair pun intended!!QUESTIONS????
Kecia the answer to your question about conditioner for frizzy hair. Best bet is to ask your stylist- I have been out of practice for almost 5 years. So they might have come out with some thing new. BIOLAGE has GREAT products for curly, frizzy hair. I love their conditioning balm...and oldie but a goodie. The also have a straight & curly line out now. As far as smoothing it out when it is dry....I LOVE anti-snap from Redken. All these can be purchased from your local stylist. I have been using Moroccan Oil products and LOVE THEM TOO!!
That wraps it up for Hair advice.....I realized this month it is a WHOLE lot easier to cut then to type how you cut?? And take pics while you are cutting....wheww!!!



Sandi said...

Love these posts Mollie! And, I've gotta say my Moroccan Oil is my life saver. I was seriously thinking of chopping of my 45 year old hair, until I found this miracle product. My hair looked younger, shinier and SMOOTHER after just 1 week.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Brilliant, Molly! Now I wanna practice on some bangs, but the only person in our family with bangs is Will. And he's scared to death (wonder why?) to let me touch his hair.