Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tips for Kids Cuts

This will be the last week for HAIR for you!!
So, if you have any questions about hair leave them in the comment box.
I will still answer them!

Today I am giving tips on kids cuts!!

First off- make sure they are comfortable and sitting in a booster seat of some sort...this is my homemade seat....a step stool!! Most stylist will have a nice comfy chair- but you might want to stay close...and arms reach. Just in case you have a leaper!! Some kids like to just hold your hand- that is usually fine as long as you stay out of the stylist way!!

Here I am cutting C's hair.......this is my shop @ my house. Of course you can tell by the mess & the exercise is not a working shop anymore!! I only cut my boy's hair now.

The main point of the picture is LOOK at WHAT he is watching....TV/movie!!! If you salon does not have a TV for your kids to watch- take a portable DVD player!! Your stylist will thank you!!

It has always been a trick of mine- since the first salon I worked in had them.....Oh the kids loved it too!! You have to block out the noise...but a child to sit still for a haircut....worth it!!

Then of course a bride never hurt any kid.....I always have suckers or candy for them afterwards...sometimes you have to break them out before the cut is over!!

They can snack on a bag of treats too!!
A few other things to keep in mind:

~NEVER EVER say....."sit still or she will CUT OFF YOUR EARS!!!!" Oh my....the kids might make a break for it?? That will most likely make the kid scared of getting a hair cut!!

~It is best....if the kid is not watching TV- to NOT have them look at the mirror while getting a haircut...most might dodge the scissors!! Others might want to watch every cut in the mirror- which ever works for your child.

~Haircuts should not be a forced thing-unless they are unable to sit by themselves or want you to hold them. Don't HOLD your kid down screaming for a haircut!! Try a stylist that is kid friendly. Most large towns have a fun environment places for!!

~When your child gets a haircut....remind them only stylist can cut our hair. Then when you are using scissors to cut paper....remind them we only cut paper with scissors. Hopefully you will not have any ER visits or HOME haircuts by 5 year old!!

~Always prep your kids for it.....Tell them what to expect, how to act, and you might want to go first and let them watch- the first time. It is always best otherwise to make them go first the next time, that way their attention and patience is still intact for their turn!!

If you have any questions about kids cuts just ask??

Youngest child's hair I cut......9 days old!!! Luke had hair half way down his back. He is 7 now!!


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Kecia said...

Hey Mollie--you said products are important with thick, curly (frizzy) hair like mine...what would you say is the best conditioner?