Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am OUT of the CLOSET!!!

Glad to say I am coming out this week...out with my finished PROJECTS!!!!

Project # 1 for last week was a major disaster!!! After his birthday party I have no clue what happened. This has always been a DON'T OPEN DOOR unless you ask permission. Due to all the puzzles and pieces & dress up stuff. Seems like there were some little mice who came and took care of business.......


I did go clothes shopping for him and did not have enough hangers in the I had to get rid of the 5T and replace with all the new 5-6. Cannot believe my baby is 4 and getting so big!!I promise you I put a whole full Rubbermaid container in the attic (to save for C) of clothes & shoes from this closet.....can't tell much different of these two pics.
Then there is all the containers and stuff to store all the colors and coloring books and etc.....

"Gosh it really looks worse in these pictures than I really thought it looked!!"
So I was on a mission. I did it in one day (while C was napping 2 hrs) Took everything out of the closet and placed it on the floor & bed. Could not believe all the JUNK!!!

I had planned to make a school room in my office- so that stuff was just hauled off. Then to organize the rest.......two hours later this is what I had done.
Needless to say I did not have to work out that day.....I was sweating from being in the closet with out air for 2 straight hours!!!

I am not totally finished yet....still need to make some labels and with kids who cannot read they have to come with a picture.

T is so good at putting things back- HE LOVES that everything is in order. I do too!!!

I still feel like there is too much of a hole in the middle- but that box if FULL of dress up clothes (fireman, policeman, cowboy, armor of God, doctor) No actual dresses!!!

I get a total HIGH from organizing- I know call me crazy!! When everything has a place I feel like I have a home again!!!

And YES that is a TEXAS LONGHORN football uniform hanging in an Arkansan's house!!! I am from Oklahoma B is from Arkansas but we pull for the Longhorns!!!

He got it from Santa last year- it still fits perfect.....thinking of trying to talk him into wearing for Halloween???? He is still young enough to talk him in to Santa gifts too!!!

What do you think any suggestions or questions about the room??


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