Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just a quick "hi"

Okay I have been SUPER BUSY this week- I thought the last few weeks were busy.
Just checking in to let you know what we have been doing-
I have been getting things finalized for our cruise to Cozumel in just 2 weeks!!! I am so excited but so stinkin' nervous- for me to be without a diaper bag and wipe- I don't know if I can survive NOT being with my kids for that long of time.
I know we need a vacation together- and will probably never do this again until they move out when they are 18+ years old!!! I have NEVER been away from my kids longer than 24 hours...that is 4 years.....I think it is time to get away. So a lot of paper work to leave for the wonderful caretakers!!
I have finished my BIG project- hopefully I can post pictures soon.
This week- we got back from OK on Monday night- went to a prayer walk at T's pre-school.
Then went home threw the kids in bed- next morning I had 4 stops before we even made it to story time at 10. Then we gave my friend Katja a shower for baby Leni. SURPRISE!!! My friends Courtney, Mandy, Christina & Jill all our kiddos helped too celebrate with Katja!
We ate at a cute little place and surprised her with some baby gifts!!! We had fun- not to sure about the cleaning crew after us???

Then T had his first day of gymnastics- a boy's class!! That was fun waking C up to take T.
Then back home to cook supper- after that we all jumped in the Big Truck with B and rode to the lumber mill to "help" him tarp & strap his load. OH the boys were SO DIRTY after that!!
To bed again & back up this morning to get T to school in time to RIDE the firetruck & guess who also got to ride. That was fun.
Although I was 3 mins late to get my hair colored due to riding the firetruck!! hahaha That was like the dog ate my homework excuse!!
This weekend we did have a good time- I am SO GLAD I got to see my mamaw- she is hanging in there. It is so sweet to see my papaw taking care of her and stroking her cheek talking to her. But, at the same time so sad- this November they will be married 67 years!!
We also got to make a trip to the TULSA ZOO!!! It was a lot of fun too- look for a BIG post on that soon- I took over 300 pics with my new camera!!
I have been praying for many people too- you know who you are...that is more important than posting a blog too me too!!
So you see I have been super busy sorry for quick update- I will post more later!!


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