Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!!

I took this picture as we were pulling out of the driveway Saturday night!!!
We took a date night & although we did not get to go on our cruise.....we had a blast just being together!!
We laughed like we never have in a long time- I promise you before we had kids all we did was tell old stories & laugh- now the kids entertain us and we laugh at them!!
We ate at The Texas Roadhouse....LOVE their steaks!! Then we went to see All about Steve- it was OK it should have been named- all about crazy people instead!! It had a good story line- just a little weird humor.
The kids- Oh yeah the went to BoBo & MiMi's- we called before the movies to tell them goodnight and T said- " I want to stay here for 5 days & nights!!" B told him- when are you gonna come back to stay with us?- T responded "Tomorrow!!"
It was just nice to not have to take a diaper bag, and sippy cups- then hope you get a speedy service so you can get the heck out of there before your kids get too loud!!
I just love to spend time with my hubby- he is great and I am so glad that the Lord has blessed us so much!! I am going to do a bible study soon with some college girls and I am gonna talk about Proverbs 31- the Virtuous woman....that I am not- just to tell them about what God wants us to be as women. I truly have been blessed just studying about it- and I got to share with my husband goals I would like to achieve, but can only with God's help!! He was super supportive and prayed with me about this!!
I just love that my husband loves God as much as I do!!
Two funny things did happen I forgot to mention- On the way home after dropping off the boys- I rode half way home listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.....before I noticed- I am alone and I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO HOT DOG 100 TIMES!!!
And then there's the mess.....when C woke up from his nap Sunday afternoon- He showed me what he thought of him leaving him this weekend......He was in his crib still and so quiet I had no clue he was awake- then I smelled POOP!!! That's right diaper off and ALL OVER EVERYTHING!! It was so bad- If the kid did not need a place to sleep- I would have thrown the whole bed away!!!
Seems like the vacation only last so long!!! Then reality hits some times harder than others!!
Be blessed, speaking from a refreshed mom!!!

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kwallocha said...

I am glad that you had such a wonderful time with your husband this weekend. We love our kids but sometimes we just need a little break from them. :)