Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends + Fair = FUN!!

The county fair is going on this week- so Crystal and I took our boys again! This is the 3rd year in a row that we have gone together. We usually go in the middle of the day- when there is NO crowd. There are a lot of people working- so you can usually pet the animals and talk to them about the animals.

The GREAT thing bout this year was STROLLER FREE!! All the boys can walk and we did not have to fight pushing a stroller through the sawdust & hay!!! Try it - it's fun....your kid gets whip-lash too!!

The thing T looked the mot forward to was washing his hands in the mouth of a PIG- this year he wanted to wash his hand in the COWS mouth, funny the things they remember about the fair. This year he got to use the cow- here he is along with Big C his best friend & my lil' C washing their hands in the mouths of the farm animals! Cute huh?

A BIG THANKS to Mr. Buddy our neighbor- he let the boys pet and feed his new little pot belly pig. C LOVED feeding the bottle to him- it almost made me cry to think he was so big, and looked so big helping the little pig. I mostly was surprised that he did not want to drink out of it- he has not been that long without on himself!

They also got to feed a baby goat- T liked that the most!! There was this BIG white rabbit and a little black one that just hopped around and let the boys pet them and love on them!

Then T said- "I want to go see that cow with wheels!" I am thinking- I did not see a cow with wheels?? Then he pointed to the plastic cow that was for milking on wheels!! Perfect sense!!

They loved it!! T & C squirted each other with the faux milk once they figured it out- and Big C did a great job- Crystal and I were completely impressed with his milking skills!! Kids will amaze you- you never know there talents!!

Mac, C's little friend was not all into everything-

Crystal said he had woke up early and needed a nap! On a rainy cloudy day do you blame him? He was still just as cute as ever!!

Then we saw Crystal's uncle Ronnie & cousin Morgan's cows- He picked up the boys and let them pet the cows- them good ole' C jumped on one!!
Famous last words- I had just told him "you gotta watch him- you never know what he will do!"

A BIG Thanks to Mr. Buddy, Uncle Ronnie & Morgan!! We appreciate your showing us around the farm at the fair!!

We had a great time- right before we were getting ready to head to the car- C found some manure~ loverly when it is all over his clothes and boots!! You know me the OCD mother, having boys I have definitely over come dirt & mud....guess manure now too!
Oh well it will come off in the wash- I hope!!
Instead of having my car detailed too- I thought I would just strip him down to a diaper and let him ride home diaper-free & naked!!
Then when we headed home- There was a bad wreck right in front of Crystal- I mean she saw a tire fly in the air right in front of her car......crazy!!
Even though I thought a little manure was a set back and sweating at the farm on a humid day- if it was not for that little cow dung on size 2 clothes- that could have been us hurt or in the middle of a wreck!!
You see once again I had to Thank the Lord for the little things- we might see as set backs or mishaps- God was protecting us from danger. Everything happens in his timing. Crystal and I did stop and check the victims were OK. Thank You Lord for your protection and angels watching over us always in the car!!

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