Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bedroom Remodel

Well, Our bedroom was next and well over due for a remodel. Just paint (buffalo from W-mart)and a few new bedding options. Our bedding was 10 years old- that is not that old. But Goodness I am sure you will agree looks like some country boy lost his way in here.
The blue, green & maroon PLAID was so in style when we got married. It looked GOOD 10 years ago.
PLUS, not to mention this is a trampoline to 2 naked boys around bath time. That is the only time they can jump on the bed. And they enjoy every minute of it. We get a good laugh too!!
We would like to get a new bed- The whole used to be a water- bed now a mattress bed!!! Has got to GO!!! Our backs cannot agree more. We are saving for this too!!

I think I would like a bed no headboard of foot board and just make a headboard. I called our neighbor Jill- she said she would help when I am ready....she is Mrs. Southern Living HGTV!!! Great to have friends that are crafty!! Thanks Jill I will be calling you!!

YOU every bedroom there is a gun cabinet!!!! You can sleep safe at night knowing there are plenty of guns....locked away!!!
Plus no good mother's room is complete with out 2 baby monitors!!!
I am not for sure about the pictures on this wall??? B said it looked tacky- I thought that. Crystal said they looked fine.....I think they look Ghetto?? Crystal is always NICE!!
They are sweet pictures of me pregnant & the boys father's day gift to B in his shoes. But, if I remove them there are only 100 holes in the newly painted wall now???
On the other hand....I do LOVE these pictures and decided to frame them and put them on the wall. My friend Cindy took these about 6 years ago- prior to kids- the skinny days.
These were my favorites. She wanted a picture of us kissing....EEEEWWWW!!! We are so not PDA (public diplay of affection) either. SO she said just look at each other sexy......then we just busted out laughing at each other!!! I do LOVE my husband, but I would rather just have a picture of us smiling!!!
It makes me smile each morning when I wake up to these!!
So, give me feed back on this room??? Any changes or suggestions??


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mandy said...

Love the colors in the bedding! Are you ready to come give my house a make over! Looks great!