Monday, September 28, 2009

flower beds

Well I keep forgetting to post here it is-

I mentioned to B one night at dinner- "I would really like to remove all those shrubs out of the front flower beds- they are just too hard to keep trimmed"
That's all it takes when you are married to a man who owns a Kabota Tractor!!

The next day they were GONE!!!
4 Holly Bushes (ouch) and 14 box shrubs!!! They were planted in 1988....we think??

These are the after pictures- All I did was transplant Lantana & Aster Lily!! Actually my man friend did all the tranplanting!! Nice to have muscle around- whether it bed a Kabota or college!!

We tried to raise the edging....then realized it was rusted!! So, we did have that expense. Other than that- it was so over grown I just needed some moving around to make it look more like a flowerbed not a JUNGLE!!I love the bird house (milk carton) on the porch- we have since thrown that one away and are getting ready to make new ones!
Theses pictures are from the spring- if you drive by will see a jungle once again- with all the rain we have had!!! I look at these and think-
Wish flower beds did not come with all the maintenance!!

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