Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will Play 4 DIRT!!

One thing I love about living in the country is this.....

While the boys were playing one day last week- this Doe walked in the yard and just ate a little corn from the feeder and then went on.

The boys have this little dirt pile in the back yard Mr. Henry brought with his dump truck to fill in a low spot. It came from a cow pasture- LOVERLY!!!

B said last week- "I would like for grass to grow there but.... I am sure it will some day"

I then reminded him that when we are 50 grass will be there- but the boys will be gone! Let them be little and play in the dirt- Only it is hard to make a sand castle out of cow pies!!
But it is dirt and they are boys- that's that!!
I LOVE that my BOYS are FRIENDS!!! Reminds me a lot of two sisters I know- Me & LaLa~


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