Monday, November 16, 2009

Catsup... Ketchup... Catch up

Well, I am behind on a few posts I have mentioned or promised so this is CATCH UP week.
We are well, T is in pre-school and I have much needed chores that I am behind on calling my name- so bare with me this week as I catch up!!
Each time I say the words Catch UP, catsup, or Ketchup a saying my daddy Pete always said comes to mind. And then I heard a joke this last week that was priceless so let me share today and then the rest of the week I will Catch up!!
My daddy Pete (my mom's dad) always said "Ketchup Ketchup in the bottle a little come out then a lottle" As you held the red glass bottle upside down you needed to say that and hit the bottom of the ketchup... then here it came. Almost like magic!! Now we have plastic shatter-proof squeeze bottle with a lid that cleans itself. I still like to say that jingle to my boys- Even though modern day ketchup is a bit like watching a Nascar race now.
Then the other day I heard this joke:
A mother went into the bathroom when her little boy was sitting on the potty taking care of business. When she saw him hitting his head on the top with a flat hand. She asked him "honey why are you doing that?" He responded "well that is how you get the ketchup to come out"
Smart kid... maybe next time if he says the ketchup jingle with it- it won't take as long??

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